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Science News Available in Multiple Formats

Science News Prime, published by Society for Science & the Public,  celebrated its first anniversary in June with an edition featuring stories on giant insects, paralyzed rats able to walk again, and an alien hunter’s new crusade. SN Prime is the tablet-format alter ego of Science News, the leading print publication covering new research findings from across the spectrum of scientific disciplines since 1922. Available on the iPad, this weekly publication offers readers comprehensive coverage at their convenience.

In celebration of SN Prime’s first anniversary, SSP is offering a FREE trial issue, now available for download in the Apple iTunes App Store.

Prefer the traditional magazine? Science News is available via subscription or on select newsstands around the country. Published by SSP since 1922, this biweekly print publication reaches more than 120,000 dedicated subscribers, with a regular readership of more than 265,000. Now updated continuously online, Science News attracts nearly five million unique online viewers annually. You can also subscribe to Science News for your Kindle  and have it automatically delivered every two weeks.

In addition, Science News just released an app featuring a special report on consciousness. In three in-depth articles and one essay, Science News neuroscience writer Laura Sanders and editor-in-chief Tom Siegfried tackle one of the most enduring questions in science: What is consciousness? They describe the latest progress in efforts to investigate and explain self-awareness, including details of new brain studies and the emergence of information theory–inspired conceptions of consciousness. This is the first stand-alone app on a specific topic produced by Science News.

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