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Intel ISEF alum moves from accounting to running digital marketing agency

Raul Colon (Intel ISEF 1998) is the CEO and Founder of Limonade, Inc., a consulting company focused on online business strategy, web development, and managed digital marketing. He is also president of Cima IT Solutions, a consulting company specializing in custom WordPress themes and building clients’ web presence.

Can you tell us about your experience at the Intel ISEF 1998? Favorite moments?

I went to Intel ISEF shortly before I finished my senior year of high school and left for the military.  It was full of interesting events that formed who I decided to be to this day. I always consider Intel ISEF to be one of my top five life experiences.

My favorite part was the last day of the event when there was sort of a block party and we got to relax and enjoy our time with other competitors. We also had the chance to meet a few Nobel Laureates, which made me realize if you work hard and are disciplined enough, you too can achieve a Nobel Prize.

Can you give a brief description of the project you presented?

I had the chance to work on a project with my high school friend, Cesar Santiago, in physics. It was focused on how different types of light may impact artwork and paintings over time. Interestingly enough, we are both fellow creatives that enjoy writing and photography.

Can you tell us about what you have been up to?

I graduated with a Public Accounting Degree and in less than two years I had moved over to work for KPMG Information Risk Management, working predominantly (90%) with engineers in areas related to IT Security and how systems work. I obtained multiple Information Technology Certifications and since then have shifted into creating and building applications and platforms for entrepreneurs and companies looking to establish their online real estate.

Lately, I focus most of my time helping entrepreneurs from all walks of life understand technology and business. I run a digital creative agency based out of Puerto Rico with global clients. I try to use my experiences to find out of the box solutions to business and technology problems. I have also been writing for the past few years in multiple blogs, including my own,, and sharing my photography.

What would be your advice to students?

My advice would be to follow their dreams. If they are interested in engineering or business, they should try it out and see if that is what they are truly passionate about. If they are not, life will bring other paths with different routes. Every decision will create an experience and experiences stay with us and allow us to grow.  

When I went to Intel ISEF I wanted to be an engineer, and later I became an accountant. Now I just work day by day on being a better human being trying to help others who might not be as fortunate as I am.