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Get Inspired for 2017: The Science 7 from the Society

We work to keep science strong every day at the Society — and our work with young people shows us the power of science to transform their minds and the world we all share.

So to inspire you for 2017, we’re sharing The Science 7 — seven amazing breakthroughs and initiatives to watch from Society competitors and alumni. Join us in celebrating these Society highlights for strong science — and let’s carry forward this inspiration into 2017 to make science stronger than ever.

1. To Build a Better Drone, Use Biomimicry

Giving drones the visual capabilities of birds and fruit flies could help them find trapped victims in fires and other rescues.

2. Designing a $3 Filter To Clean Your Local Stream

This phosphorous detector comes housed in a foam block, two hair clips and a bit of T-shirt to keep fish out.

3. Diagnosing Breast Cancer from the Cloud

Cloud4Cancer — developed by a Society alumna — is accurate for 99 percent of cases.

4. Wearable Assistive Tech for the Visual Impaired

It gives your brain a 3D representation of your surroundings — and was invented by a Society competitor and high school senior!

5. The Best Shape for a Rocket Nozzle

What this 13-year-old Society competitor found will surprise rocket engineers.

6. Nanotech Against Urban Pollution

This Detroit student-scientist wondered what exactly was polluting his neighborhood. So he used nanotechnology to find out.

7. Decontamination That Glows

Keeping medical workers uncontaminated during infectious disease outbreaks isn’t easy. This Society alum has a better way.

Be a champion for strong science. Join the Society now.

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