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Collaboration and Women in STEM

Paula Golden, President and Executive Director of Broadcom Foundation and Director of Broadcom Corporation Community Affairs, was recently featured in a Huffington Post blog speaking about collaboration and the impact it has on women pursuing careers in STEM fields.

“Although many states are implementing STEM-driven curricula aimed at embedding math, science and engineering and increasing STEM literacy through the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), it remains highly likely that without dismantling a part of our traditional pedagogical structure, and the assumptions that support it, teenage girls will continue to shy away from STEM.”

“If we want to increase the STEM talent pool, it suits us to explore new and varied ways to take advantage of girl power and foster the inherent collaborative spirit of young women – both in and outside the classroom. In doing so, STEM-minded girls will be inspired and encouraged to apply their natural gifts to stay excited about engineering, math and science into high school, college and beyond.”

Broadcom Foundation is the title sponsor and partner of the Society’s Broadcom MASTERS program.

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