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‘Ask Science News Anything’ about aging on July 26

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Three Science News writers will answer your questions about aging on Reddit Science on Tuesday, July 26 at 3 p.m.

The Q&A session is an Ask Me Anything, or AMA, on Reddit. The session will focus on the recent Science News issue that explored the science of aging. But readers are welcome to pose any question to our writers.

The writers participating include:

  • Tina Saey, a molecular biology reporter, writes about things microscopic and molecular like cells and DNA and how they affect human health. Her story in the aging issue addresses what aging is, what can done about it, and whether slowing aging will make people live longer.
  • Laura Sanders, an award-winning science journalist who reports on the latest mysteries of the mind and blogs about the science of raising kids, explored how the brain ages. There are some interesting parallels between how the brain grows and how it ultimately declines.
  • Susan Milius, a biology writer, focused on how the rest of the planet ages (meaning not humans). Have some animals found the secret of perpetual youth?

Ask questions or follow along with the AMA.

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