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22 Society alumni named to Forbes “30 Under 30” lists

By Kevin Easterly

Image of three 30 Under 30 honorees with the Forbes logo in the corner
Courtesy of Forbes

For many Society alumni, participating in the Science Talent Search, International Science and Engineering Fair or middle school competitions is an introductory chapter to the positive impact they’ll go on to make throughout their lives and careers. To see what we mean, you can see just a small sample of these inspiring change makers on our Notable Alumni website.

Our youngest alumni classes are already making their mark, founding organizations and pioneering solutions to some of the world’s most important challenges. This year, 22 Society alumni have been included on the annual Forbes “30 Under 30” lists. “We are so proud and excited to see so many Society alumni recognized this year,” said Maya Ajmera, President and CEO of Society for Science and Executive Publisher of Science News. “These young people are leading the way to a better future, and this is only the beginning of what they will go on to achieve.”

Below are all 22 Society alumni honored on this year’s lists, spanning key categories. Follow the links to view their profiles on the Forbes site with more information about their ventures and accomplishments.

Jui Khankari (STS 2022 Scholar), Founder, AInspire
Meghna Pramoda (ISEF 2023), Cofounder, SafeTeensOnline
Siona Pramoda (BCM 2022 Scholar, ISEF 2023), Cofounder, SafeTeensOnline
Parth Shah (BCM 2013 Entrant), CEO, LearningFuze

Alexander Kosyakov (ISEF 2019, STS 2019 Entrant), Cofounder, Natrion

Enterprise Technology
Jerry Liu (STS 2013 Scholar), Cofounder, LlamaIndex
Alexander Whatley (BCM 2011 Scholar), Cofounder, Vividly
Daniel Whatley (BCM 2013-14 Entrant), Cofounder, Vividly

Eric Chen (STS 2016 Scholar), Cofounder, Injective Labs
Shohini Kundu (STS 2016 Scholar), Assistant Professor, UCLA

Stephanie Liu (DCYSC 2007 Entrant), Cofounder, Nourish
Kevin Nguyen (ISEF 2012, STS 2013 Entrant), Resident Physician, West Virginia University

Manufacturing and Industry
Diwakar Ganesan (BCM 2012 Entrant, ISEF 2016), Cofounder, TuMeke
Jason Sylvestre (ISEF 2014), Cofounder, H3X

Zachary Schiffer (STS 2012 Scholar), Incoming Assistant Professor, Harvard University
Sam Wattrus (DCYSC 2007 Entrant), Principal Investigator, Wattrus Lab

Social Impact
Monika Dharia (STS 2015 Scholar), Founder, GreenGear Supply
Aadith Moorthy (STS 2014 Scholar), Founder, Boomitra

Social Media
Ashton Cofer (ISEF 2017), Cofounder, Fizz

Venture Capital
Adarsh Bhatt (STS 2014 Scholar), Cofounder, Comma
Lisa Liu (MSP 2008 Entrant), Principal, SignalFire
Sai Senthilkumar (ISEF 2012), Partner, Redpoint

Kevin Easterly