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  • Financial Information

    SSP's Federal ID # is 53-0196483 and its Combined Federal Campaign # is 92454. SSP encourages support from organizations, corporations, and individual donors and members.

    Financial Documents

    In keeping with nonprofit standards and best practices, SSP is pleased to provide access to its recent financial documents and audit results to interested donors and other parties.


    09/25/2013 - 8:50pm
  • Annual Report

    Society for Science & the Public (SSP) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization dedicated to public engagement in scientific research and education. Our vision is to promote the understanding and appreciation of science and the vital role it plays in human advancement: to inform, educate and inspire.

    We invite you to explore our...

    10/15/2015 - 10:23am
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    10/09/2014 - 1:38pm
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  • SSP Blog SSP Fellowship

    Susan’s Summers: An SSP Fellow Helps Students Continue Their Research

    By Caitlin Jennings, Communications Coordinator, Society for Science & the Public

    Susan Vincent, a 2009 SSP Fellow, doesn’t take a summer break from teaching the students at the Young Women’s Leadership Institute in New York City. Instead she spends her vacation trudging through knee deep water and mud so thick it is possible to get stuck in. This summer she regularly took...

    09/27/2010 - 7:51am
  • Susan Vincent

    Young Women’s Leadership School
    East Harlem, NY

    District: New York City Public Schools
    Grades: 9-12
    105 East 106th Street
    New York, NY 10029

    Susan Vincent
    09/30/2013 - 2:39pm
  • November 2011

    09/19/2013 - 12:48pm
  • Our Work

    09/27/2013 - 1:37pm

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