The “I Wonder…” Journal Challenge

Here’s how to join the I Wonder Journal Challenge


  1. For two weeks, keep a notebook, journal, or some sheets of paper with you at all times as your “I Wonder…” Journal.  Whether you are working, playing, eating, or sleeping, it should always be by your side.
  2. Every day, record 10 questions you have about the world around you, never repeating a question. If you’re not sure where to start, just look around you! Consider objects near and far. Think about what is above you, below you, around you, or inside of you. Watch for movements, listen for sounds, breathe in scents. Wonder about feelings and interactions. What don’t you know about how these things work, what they are made of, where they came from, or how they affect one another?
  3. After you have 140 questions, give your journal to a few family members, friends, or mentors, and ask them to help you identify questions that they think are unique, but researchable by adding stars next to those questions.
  4. Choose a question that you love and take action to learn the answer to your question. Do some background research to see what is known and what questions remain, reach out to an expert to learn more, visit a new location related to your question, or design a small experiment.
  5. Want to share your questions with others? Send us an email with your question and a photo of yourself taking action to find the answer! Email us at or post to social media and tag us @society4science and #researchathome.