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Sarang Goel

Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science
Denton, TX

IVY – Intelligent Vision System for the Visually Impaired

Innovative, Low-Cost, AI-Based Eyeglasses To Help the Visually Impaired Overcome Mobility Limitations Through Navigational Assistance and Object Avoidance Algorithms and an Intuitive Vibration and Audio Guidance System

Sarang Goel developed vision technology to help people with failing eyesight.  His Intelligent Vision System, called IVY, includes wearable eyeglasses, automated navigation, object detection software, and a smartphone app, which cost him less than $300 to make. He believes his technology may help people with poor eyesight improve mobility inside their homes and in public spaces.

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Sarang Goel, 18, of Irving, developed a vision technology for people with failing eyesight to increase their mobility for his Regeneron Science Talent Search engineering project. Inspired by the difficulties faced by a diabetic family friend with poor eyesight, Sarang spent over two years working at home researching, developing, and testing his Intelligent Vision System (IVY) which consists of: the eyeglasses device (with customized computer processor), automated mapping and navigation algorithms, object detection and avoidance software, and an audio system and smartphone app. His finished IVY system met all his engineering goals, cost him less than $300 to make, and he is fine-tuning his eyeglasses to make them more comfortable and durable.

Sarang was awarded a patent in 2022 for an invention to improve cabin air in vehicles. As first author, he has published a paper in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

2024 Science Talent Search finalist Sarang Goel
Society for Science/Chris Ayers Photography

The son of Rakesh and Seema Goel, Sarang attends Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science in Denton, where he coordinates research competition activities for students. He hopes one day to earn a doctorate in computer science and develop more wearable devices for people with mobility limitations.

2024 Science Talent Search finalist Sarang Goel
Society for Science/Chris Ayers Photography

Beyond the Project

Sarang enjoys camping and looks forward to revisiting the “absolutely stunning” Yosemite and exploring other national parks across the United States.

FUN FACTS: Sarang says he has “survived eighteen years of sweltering Dallas heat,” but loves spending time outdoors swimming and kayaking in nearby lakes or playing pick-up soccer games in the community

Illustration of 2024 STS finalist Sarang Goel by Amy Wike