Regeneron Science Talent Search 2022 Finalists

Society for Science  and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. congratulate the 40 finalists in the Regeneron Science Talent Search 2022, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and math competition for high school seniors. The 2022 finalists were selected from more than 1,800 highly qualified entrants based on their projects’ scientific rigor and their potential to become world-changing scientists and leaders. Each finalist is awarded at least $25,000, and the top 10 awards range from $40,000 to $250,000.

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Regeneron Science Talent Search 2022 Finalists

Claire Andreasen

School: The Charter School of Wilmington, Wilmington, DE

Project Title: Strain-Induced Second-Order Jahn-Teller Reconstruction and Magnetic Moment Modulation

Max Bee-Lindgren

School: Decatur High School, Decatur, GA

Project Title: Calculating Transition Amplitudes of an Observable Using the Rodeo Algorithm for Quantum Computing

Atreyus Abdhish Bhavsar

School: Blake School Northrop Campus, Minneapolis, MN

Project Title: The Spread of Macroscopic Droplets from a Simulated Cough With and Without the Use of Masks or Barriers

Elijah Eshaun Burks

School: Caddo Parish Magnet High School, Shreveport, LA

Project Title: The Effect of Freshwater Acidification on Clams

Victor Cai

School: Parkland High School, Allentown, PA

Project Title: Designing a Narrowband Radar Using GNU Radio and Software Defined Radio for Tomography and Indoor Sensing

Ethan Chiu

School: Syosset High School, Syosset, NY

Project Title: Developing a Self-Formed Ectodermal Autonomous Multi-Zone Organoid Model Using Human Stem Cells to Examine the Effect of Doxycycline Treatment on Uveal Melanoma

Benjamin Choi

School: Potomac School, McLean, VA

Project Title: An Ultra-Low Cost, Mind-Controlled Transhumeral Prosthesis Operated via a Novel Artificial Intelligence-Driven Brainwave Interpretation Algorithm

Neil Chowdhury

School: Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH

Project Title: Modeling the Effect of Histone Methylation on Chromosomal Organization in Colon Cancer Cells

Andrew Kai Chu

School: The Nueva School, San Mateo, CA

Project Title: Synergy and Competition Between Long and Short Duration Storage in Renewable Power Grids

Brooke Ann Dunefsky

School: Irvington High School, Irvington, NY

Project Title: A Novel Device that Utilizes Neuroplasticity for the Rehabilitation of Stroke Victims

Rohan Singh Ghotra

School: Syosset High School, Syosset, NY

Project Title: Uncovering Motif Interactions from Convolutional Attention Networks for Regulatory Genomics

Vivien He

School: Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Project Title: Qube: A Low-Cost Internet-of-Things Device for On-Site and Regional Earthquake Early Warning

Heloise Hoffmann

School: Community School of Naples, Naples, FL

Project Title: Self-Reported Reduced Sleep Quality and Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy

Theodore Tianqi Jiang

School: Palisades Charter High School, Pacific Palisades, CA

Project Title: Deciphering the Language of Genetic Variants: Using a Transformer-Based Language Model to Identify Pathogenic Missense Mutations Associated With Human Inherited Diseases and Cancer

Daniel Larsen

School: Bloomington High School, South Bloomington, IN

Project Title: Bertrand’s Postulate for Carmichael Numbers

Krystal S Li

School: Coral Reef Senior High School, Miami, FL

Project Title: Isolating and Characterizing Phosphorus-Solubilizing Bacteria from Rhizospheres of Native Plants Grown in Calcareous Soils and Sediments

Victoria Li

School: Hunter College High School, New York, NY

Project Title: CROTON: An Automated and Variant-Aware Deep Learning Framework for Predicting CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing Outcomes

Steven D. Liu

School: Shady Side Academy, Pittsburgh, PA

Project Title: Techno-Economic Assessment of a Cost and Quality-Based Algal Biodiesel Production Process

Roberto Antonio Lopez

School: Brentwood High School – Ross Center, Brentwood, NY

Project Title: Evaluating Phragmites australis Wrack Accumulation in a Long Island Salt Marsh Ecosystem and Assessing Its Effect on Carbon Sequestration, the Nitrogen Cycle, and Sediment Biota

Christopher Vincenzo Luisi

School: John F. Kennedy High School, Bellmore, NY

Project Title: How Dietary Restriction Affects the Athleticism, Metabolic Rate, and Lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster

Amber Luo

School: Ward Melville High School, East Setauket, NY

Project Title: RiboBayes: A Wavelet Transform-Based Computational Platform to Assess the Transcriptomic Distribution and Regulation of Ribosome Pause Sites in Ribosome Profiling Data

Yash Narayan

School: The Nueva School, San Mateo, CA

Project Title: DeepWaste: Applying Deep Learning on a Mobile Device for Accurate, Low Cost, and Ubiquitous Waste Classification

Nyasha Nyoni

School: Ossining High School, Ossining, NY

Project Title: Unhealthy Scrolling: Instagram Influencers Endorse More Unhealthy Food and Beverage Products Compared to Celebrities

Amara Orth

School: Lewis Central High School, Council Bluffs, IA

Project Title: Secret Sounds of Bees: Analysis of Honey Bee Vibroacoustics Using Hidden Markov Models

Hannah Park

School: Tenafly High School, Tenafly, NJ

Project Title: Altered Development of Thymus in Tmem131 Knockout Mouse Model of Down Syndrome

Rishab Parthasarathy

School: The Harker School, San Jose, CA

Project Title: A Novel Combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Pathway Analysis for Predicting Oncogenic Mutation Progression and Recommending Targeted Therapies

Pravalika Gayatri Putalapattu

School: Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA

Project Title: DORC: Dynamic Operating Room Companion for Gallbladder Removal Surgical Workflow Verification

Neil Rathi

School: Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA

Project Title: Cross-Linguistic Universals of Morphological Fusion: An Information-Theoretic Approach

Aseel Rawashdeh

School: L.C. Anderson High School, Austin, TX

Project Title: Larvicidal “Trojan-Horse”: Experimentally Developing a Novel Low-Cost and Eco-Friendly Mosquito Vector Control Treatment

Desiree Rigaud

School: John F. Kennedy High School, Bellmore, NY

Project Title: COVID-19 Induced Economic Stress: The Effect on Marital Functioning and Methods of Alleviating Financial Stress

Luke Robitaille

School: Robitaille Homeschool, Euless, TX

Project Title: Topological Entropy of Simple Braids

Daniel Shen

School: William G. Enloe High School, Raleigh, NC

Project Title: TC-DTW: An Algorithm Breaking the Long-Standing Efficiency Barriers of Temporal Data Analytics

Atticus Wang

School: Princeton International School of Math and Science, Princeton, NJ

Project Title: Representation Stability and Finite Orthogonal Groups

Ella Wang

School: BASIS Chandler, Chandler, AZ

Project Title: Assessing Light-Induced Fading of Colored Art Objects via Digital Visualization Techniques

Ethan Wong

School: Arcadia High School, Arcadia, CA

Project Title: Yaw Characteristics of Aircraft With a Bell-Shaped Lift Distribution Built With a Novel Manufacturing Technique

Leo Wylonis

School: Conestoga High School, Berwyn, PA

Project Title: Novel Fully MRI Compatible Nonmagnetic and Dielectric Pneumatic Servo Motor for MRI Guided Surgical Robotics

Zoe Xi

School: Boston University Academy, Boston, MA

Project Title: Approximation Algorithms for Dynamic Time Warping on Run-Length Encoded Strings

Margaret L Yang

School: Cranbrook Kingswood School, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Project Title: Engineering Multi-Enzyme Whole-Cell Biocatalysts for Biofuel Production

Christine Ye

School: Eastlake High School, Redmond, WA

Project Title: Inferring the Neutron Star Maximum Mass and Lower Mass Gap in Neutron Star-Black Hole Systems with Spin

Han Byur Youn

School: Roslyn High School, Roslyn Heights, NY

Project Title: Why We Vote: How Positive Descriptive Norms and Holding a Minority Political Viewpoint Increase Citizens’ Intention and Responsibility to Vote