Society for Science statement on Robb Elementary School shooting

The Society for Science is devastated by the news that a gunman shot and killed two teachers and 19 elementary school children, with many more wounded, yesterday in Uvalde, Texas. This shocking attack comes too close on the heels of the racially motivated shooting in Buffalo, New York.  Now, more than ever, our students deserve to feel safe in their schools and in their classrooms. According to Education Week, this is the 27th school shooting in 2022, and the Gun Violence Archive has tallied more than 200 mass shootings this year.

Gun violence in our country is stealing the lives of children and traumatizing their families and communities. It is also having a deeply adverse effect on the ability of all young people to learn. We know that students who do not feel safe inside their classrooms are not able to do their best.  The Society calls on our lawmakers to take action to stop these horrendous shootings.  Our children deserve better.