Society for Science Unveils Collection of White House Photos

Photo Gallery Highlights Special Relationship with the White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Society for Science today launched a collection of photos featuring finalists in the Society’s science research competitions, Society staff and program sponsors with presidents, vice presidents and first ladies. The gallery, which includes more than 120 photos and captions, dates back to the Society’s first visit in 1942. At that time, Vice President Wallace met with the very first Science Talent Search class.

“Society for Science has always valued our special relationship with the White House and appreciate the Executive Office’s interest in honoring and encouraging our nation’s next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians,” said Maya Ajmera, President and CEO of Society for Science and Executive Publisher of Science News Media Group. “These photos tell an extraordinary story about our country’s dedication to our young people who are solving the world’s most intractable problems.”

The photo gallery, which is available at, features photos with nearly every President since 1942 — from President Truman to President Kennedy to President Bush to President Obama. First Ladies include Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Truman and Michelle Obama. Meeting with the President or a White House representative has been a highlight of the Washington, D.C. experience for many finalists in the Science Talent Search and the Broadcom MASTERS.

The Society was also honored to have finalists from three of our competitions — the Science Talent Search, the International Science and Engineering Fair and the Broadcom MASTERS – participate in White House Science Fairs, hosted by President Obama.

Some other interesting photos include:

  • The 1950 Science Talent Search finalists gathered around President Truman’s desk.
  • The 1961 Science Talent Search finalists visiting President Kennedy in the Oval Office.
  • The 1965 Science Talent Search finalists meeting President Johnson’s dog.
  • President Bush speaking to the 1991 Science Talent Search finalists at the Awards Gala.
  • President Clinton receiving a home made crossword puzzle created by 1993 Science Talent Search finalist (and current puzzle creator) Wei-Hwa Huang.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama with ISEF top winner Amy Chyao during the 2011 State of the Union.

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