Advancing Diversity in STEM: Society for Science Gives 53 Organizations $245,000 in STEM Action Grants

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Society for Science, a national leader in science education and literacy, is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2023 STEM Action Grants Program. A total of $245,000 will be given to 53 dynamic, community-centric STEM organizations spanning 24 states and Washington, D.C. This initiative is committed to cultivating an all-encompassing reservoir of STEM talent via microgrants given to nonprofit organizations across the country, fortifying opportunities for historically marginalized groups within the spheres of STEM education and careers. These encompass individuals from Black and Latinx communities, Native Americans, women, those embracing diverse gender identities, individuals with disabilities as well as economically underserved students from both rural and urban landscapes.

This year, three organizations—Be Loud Studios, Girls Link Up, and Women’s Audio Mission—are being granted $10,000 capacity-building awards. These organizations were previously selected as grantees and were chosen based on their history of programmatic success, their unique audiences and the diversity of their leadership. These accolades underscore the commendable strides and outstanding initiatives assumed by these nonprofits. The remaining 50 organizations will receive grants varying from $2,500 to $5,000.

Guided by a strong commitment to equity, this year’s recipients serves as a shining example of unwavering dedication to fostering diversity and empowerment in STEM. At the heart of their initiatives lies a profound mission: to dismantle barriers and ensure that historically underserved and marginalized communities are not only included, but that they thrive. Through innovative approaches and impactful outreach endeavors, they are actively shaping a future where opportunities in STEM knows no bounds.

“Congratulations to our 53 STEM Action Grantee partners! This year, we are giving $245,000, the largest grant amount ever awarded in this program. Their exemplary efforts to provide innovative and inclusive STEM programming is inspiring. They are undoubtedly shaping a brighter future for generations to come,” said Maya Ajmera, President and CEO of Society for Science and Executive Publisher of Science News.

For instance, a few organizations this year are dedicated to making STEM accessible to individuals through recognizing the importance of role models and representation. One group is providing STEM education to low-income and rural K-12 students while another has young children in shelters, hospitals and advocacy centers design and create teddy bears dressed as scientists to help them understand that they too can be a scientist.  A third group holds STEM role model sessions, which profiles real women in STEM, providing young girls with clear examples of careers that are both tangible and exciting.

Additionally, a collection of organizations in this cohort are dedicated to promoting coding skills for diverse groups, such as young BIPOC women and inner city youth. For instance, one organization is focused on teaching coding and software development through collaborative work on web and mobile app projects. In a similar vein, another initiative is addressing the lack of representation and access to opportunities in the tech field by teaching coding skills and celebrating diverse cultural expressions through dance. These efforts highlight the importance of coding in fostering inclusion and empowerment within STEM. By offering coding education and experiences, they aim to equip participants with valuable skills that open doors to numerous career opportunities, contributing to the cultivation of a diverse and skilled workforce that can thrive in the digital age.

The following 53 organizations have been honored with STEM Action Grants in 2023:

  1. ANGARI Foundation
  2. Art Technically
  3. Austin Youth River Watch
  4. Baton Rouge Youth Coalition, Inc.
  5. Be Loud Studios
  6. Beta Builders
  7. Blue Marble Space Institute of Science
  8. R.E.S.T.
  9. Calculated Genius
  10. CodeArt, Inc.
  11. Culturally Relevant Science, Inc.
  12. Design Connect Create
  13. The Detroit Educational Takeover
  14. Develop for Good
  15. ECHO, Leahy Center Lake Champlain
  16. EmpowHERto
  17. Forging Opportunities for Refugees in America
  18. Full STEAM Forward, Inc.
  19. Girls Dream Code
  20. Girls Link Up
  21. Hawaii Science and Technology Museum
  22. Impact NW’s AKA Science program
  23. International Network of STEM for the Blind and Low-Vision
  24. March for Science NYC
  25. Mississippi Delta Nature and Learning Center
  26. National Youth Science Academy (formerly NYSF)
  27. Nehemiah Community Empowerment Center
  28. Norfolk Botanical Garden, Inc.
  29. NW Ecological Research Institute
  30. ‘Ohana Kilo Hōkū
  31. An Open Book Foundation
  32. Pink Space Theory
  33. Project Invent
  34. Rainbow Dance Theatre / WOU Foundation
  35. Ridge Area Arc
  36. Rosie Riveters
  37. Save the Harbor/Save the Bay
  38. SciAccess, Inc.
  39. Scientiae
  40. See3D, Inc.
  41. Shooting Stars Foundation
  42. SoundBio Lab
  43. STE(A)M Truck
  44. TEACH
  45. Tech Kids Unlimited
  46. Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering; TAME
  47. The Story Collider
  48. Treasure Coast Girls Coalition Inc
  49. trubel&co
  50. Urban Scholar Academy
  51. Venture Outdoors
  52. Women’s Audio Mission
  53. WonderLab Museum of Science, Health & Technology

Twenty-three of the organizations on this year’s list previously received support through the program. Since 2016, (including this announcement), the STEM Action Grant program has given $828,500 to a total of 113 organizations.

Learn more about the 53 awardees of the 2023 STEM Action Grant program here.

Funding for this year’s STEM Action Grants program comes from Regeneron and Science Sandbox, an initiative of the Simons Foundation.


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