Science News releases Top 25 list of most important science stories of 2015

Editors select New Horizons mission to Pluto as top story of the year

Science News, a publication of Society for Science & the Public, today announced the Top 25 most important science stories of the year. Stories were selected based on their potential to transform how people understand themselves and the world around them.

“It probably comes as no surprise that the New Horizons mission to Pluto takes the top spot in Science News’ list of 2015’s most important stories,” said Elizabeth Quill, Enterprise Editor, Science News. “Since New Horizons awoke last December, we’ve devoted more than two dozen stories in the magazine and on the website — upwards of 10,000 words — to this first-ever visit. No other science news this year garnered so many headlines.”

Editor in chief Eva Emerson notes that the new gene editing technology, called CRISPR, ran a close second to Pluto. But, “for all its promise, CRISPR is a method. It’s a story still being written. The practical benefits are yet to come. It could change the world, or not. Pluto, on the other hand, is about expanding knowledge, about seeing what we have never seen before, about discovery at its most basic,” Emerson writes in her accompanying editorial.

Other top picks included recent hominid finds highlighting Homo naledi; a roundup on advances in aging research, and news debunking the so-called climate “hiatus.”

This is the fourth year that Science News has released its Top 25 list. Past top stories include the discovery of the Higgs boson (2012), new findings about the microbiome (2013), and the Ebola outbreak (2014).

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Sarah Wood