Sheldon Lee Glashow, Ph.D.

Sheldon Lee Glashow, Ph.D., Honorary Board

Glashow was born in Manhattan on December 5, 1932, educated at Bronx Hight School of Science 1950, Cornell University A.B. 1954 and Harvard University M.A. 1955, Ph.D. 1959.

He has taught at Stanford University; University of California, Berkeley; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Boston University.

A theoretical physicist focusing on elementary particles and cosmology, his honors include the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics (with Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam) for their contributions to the electroweak theory and the 2011 European Physical Society Prize for inventing the GIM mechanism (Glashow, Iliopoulos, Maiani).

Glashow is now Editor-at-Large for Inference International Review of Science.

Glashow is an alumnus of the 1950 Science Talent Search.