Naomi Shah

National Leadership Council: Naomi Shah

Naomi Shah is the founder and CEO of Meet Cute, a modern entertainment company that produces and distributes original, scripted stories. In making over 500 cinematic shows, and working with a diverse community of thousands of creators, Meet Cute expands on the traditional rom-com, enabling writers, actors, and directors to explore the tried and true genre through bold and unique lenses. Before starting Meet Cute, Naomi was a member of the investment team at Union Square Ventures, a venture capital firm in New York, where she spent most of her time talking to early-stage technology companies across verticals such as well-being, fintech, and education. Prior to that, she worked at Goldman Sachs and studied Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Human Biology at Stanford University.

Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge 2007
International Science and Engineering Fair 2010-2013
Science Talent Search 2013