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Program Resources

As a member of the Science News Learning program, a school gets 10 print copies of the bi-weekly Science News magazine starting with an issue in August and ending with an issue in May. Interested educators will receive online access to the digital Science News, Science News Explores and Educator Guide archives. Educators also receive a digital e-newsletter that shares the latest guide as well as updates from the Society and other teaching content. Educators also have access to a digital Educator community via Edmodo to post ideas and learn from other educators.

An Educator Guide takes a deep dive into one of the articles in each issue of Science News. It provides three types of student exercises that correspond to the article. These include reading comprehension questions and answers, cross curricular discussion prompts and answers and activities. The activities range from lab-based experiments to debates to data dives to diagrams. The Educator Guides are designed for you to pick and choose what to include in your classroom. You can use the full guide as a sub plan or choose individual exercises from it to use as well.

Students only have direct access to the journalism resources. They can search for articles by going to the Science News or Science News Explores websites.


Science News Explores is written for a slightly younger audience, with readability scores that equate to grades 5-8. Science News publishes articles with readability scores that equate to grades 9 and up.

Science News Explores is a free online resource. You can find and search for articles at

Each school receives 10 print magazines as part of the Science News Learning program. If you aren’t using the copies in your classroom, bring them to your school’s library or share them with other teachers and students at your school! If you want more copies for your classroom, email to learn about our classroom copies rate for educators.

Issue date: Estimated date of arrival

8/31/19: 8/30/19

9/14/19: 9/13/19

9/28/19: 9/27/19

10/12/19 & 10/26/19: 10/11/19

11/9/19: 11/8/19

11/23/19: 11/22/19

12/7/19: 12/6/19

12/21/19 & 1/4/20: 12/20/19

1/18/20: 1/17/20

2/1/20: 1/31/20

2/15/20: 2/14/20

2/29/20: 2/28/20

3/14/20: 3/13/20

3/28/20: 3/27/20

4/11/20: 4/10/20

4/25/20: 4/24/20

5/9/20 & 5/23/20: 5/8/20

If you haven’t received the magazines, first ask around to make sure other people at the school haven’t seen them. Issues are shipped to one educator at the school, who should then distribute them among all interested educators. If no one at your school has seen them, email

Program Participation

Our generous sponsors make it so public high schools can participate in the Science News Learning program at no cost to the school. Private schools and middle schools are not currently eligible for sponsorship, so they are expected to pay the program cost of $500 per school.

The renewal period starts in February of each year. We will send out email messages with a renewal survey for you to fill out. Once you fill out this survey, your school is renewed for next year.

As many educators who want the resources can sign up! To sign up more educators at your school, fill out this digital resources form.

As soon as you sign up to receive the digital resources on this form, you will be added to our email list.