Regeneron ISEF Volunteer Roles

There are a range of volunteer roles needed at Regeneron ISEF across all days of the week. The table below provides an overview of volunteer needs at Regeneron ISEF. Actual needs may vary once volunteer registration opens in early February.

Event Name Event Description Day # Needed
Signage Placement Assist with signage placement and retrieval throughout the Convention Center. All week beginning Friday, May 10 (4 hour shifts) 8
Bag Stuffing Stuff Registration Bags, Outreach Bags, and Judge Giveaways. Friday, May 10 (afternoon) 70
Registration Register delegations and individuals arriving at ISEF. Saturday-Wednesday (4 hour shifts) 136
Receive Projects Receive Projects that are delivered either by individual or delivery truck at loading dock. Check them in and either deliver to exhibit booth or mark with project ID and put in Category order. Sunday and Monday (4 hour shifts) 12
Display + Safety Inspectors Display + Safety Inspectors will inspect all Finalists’ projects to ensure they follow ISEF Rules and are safe and within the maximum size limits. Display +Safety Inspectors should be prepared to be on their feet, moving and walking, between the Finalists’ booths throughout their allotted volunteer time. Volunteer Inspectors will be interacting with the Finalists and should be supportive and encouraging in any exchanges. Online training will be available. Sunday and Monday (4 hour shifts) 190
Receive Materials Receive materials and deliver them from loading dock to meeting rooms. Sunday and Monday (4 hour shifts) 40
Finalist Resource Center Assist Finalists with computers and printing support as they use the Resource Center to make adjustments and finalize their projects. Sunday and Monday (4 hour shifts) 15
Tools & Supplies Work in the HUB (center of exhibit hall). Check out tools and supplies to Finalists as they set up projects. Training will be provided and you will work alongside seasoned volunteers. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday (4 hour shifts) 35
HUB Line Management Assist HUB security with managing line of attendees checking in electronic devices and personal items. Sunday-Friday (4 hour shifts) 35
Security Stickers Help at the HUB to provide attendees with the appropriate security stickers for their electronic and personal items for exiting the exhibit hall. Sunday-Friday (4 hour shifts) 72
Symposium Presider A symposium presider must arrive at the room 30 minutes before a session begins. They should greet the speaker and determine if their AV needs are met for the presentation. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (4 hour shifts) 28
Panel Sessions Help with crowd control, scanning attendee badges for entry, manage autograph lines and keeping event staff informed of any issues. Tuesday (4 hour shifts) 6
Mobile Device Support Help troubleshoot Digital Scoring login issues for Judges on web browsers on mobile devices and tablets. Experts will train and be around for questions. Tuesday and Wednesday (4 hour shifts) 24
Interpretation Help interpret for finalists on during judging. Languages needed: Arabic, Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonese, Mandarin, Georgian, Filipino, French, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Portuguese, Sinhala, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese Wednesday (4 hour shifts) Depends on language
Interpreter Breakfast Help with crowd control and directing Finalists who requested an interpreter to get to and from their event. Wednesday morning 10
Securing Finalist Booths Assist the Operations team with securing Finalist booths before Public Day. Wednesday p.m. 10
Education Outreach Day A variety of roles are needed to assist for Education Outreach Day. Exact needs including descriptions and numbers will be available when volunteer registration opens. Wednesday and Thursday ~120
Shipping and Receiving Help bring empty crates and boxes back to Finalists’ Exhibit Booths in preparation for tear down and pack up. Thursday and Friday 30