STEM Ecosystems

STEM Learning Ecosystems provide the architecture for cross-sector learning, offering all young people access to STEM-rich learning environments so they can develop important skills and engagement in science, technology, engineering and math throughout preK-16.

Strong STEM Learning Ecosystems feature dynamic collaborations among schools, out-of-school time programs, STEM expert institutions (such as museums, science centers, institutions of higher education and STEM professional associations), the private sector, community-based organizations, youth and families.

In an effort to help better support and serve our affiliated fair network, we want to provide more information about the STEM Learning Ecosystems to provide you with another resource to help grow and build community STEM connections.  The Society hopes that by linking with the larger STEM community in your area, each affiliated science fair network will continue to increase its connections and relationships with local STEM supports.  The PowerPoint presentation below was delivered by Paula Golden, President of Broadcom Foundation, at the Fair’s Director’s Breakfast at Intel ISEF 2018.  The presentation seeks to highlight the importance and showcase the positive possibilities of affiliated fairs working together with their STEM Learning Ecosystems.

For more information about the STEM Learning Ecosystems project and to get more involved, please visit