Standard for Philosophy/Mission

The Standard: The science fair has a clearly written and actively implemented statement of values/philosophy/mission.  Stakeholders give input into the development of the science fair’s philosophy/mission and understand and accept it. This document is aligned with the community served by the fair and is reviewed periodically by stakeholder representatives.

Indicators for all science fairs:                                        

1.1 The science fair has a written mission statement that is consistent with ethical norms and demonstrates respect for persons of all races, creeds, and cultures.  The core values of honesty, equitable processes and educational support for all participants are embedded conceptually.

1.2  The values/philosophy/mission statement is free of contradiction, ambiguity, and excessive abstraction.

1.3 The science fair implements a periodic review of the mission relative to the work of the fair to assess its effectiveness in fulfilling its philosophy/mission.

1.4 The science fair’s philosophy/mission is made publically available  and clearly communicated including existing channels of communication such as on its website, in brochures, promotional materials, policy and procedural handbooks, and similar resources.

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