Intel ISEF 2019

Top Three Grand Award Winners at ISEF 2019

Intel ISEF 2019

Top Winners from 2019

Gordon E. Moore Award Winner of $75,000

Krithik Ramesh, 16, of Greenwood Village, Colorado, United States
Utilizing Computer Vision and Machine Learning Systems to Develop a Live Time Navigational and Surgical Aid for Spinal Reconstructions

Intel Foundation Young Scientist Awards – $50,000 each

Allison Jia, 17, of San Jose, California, United States
Modeling Neurodegeneration in vitro: A Dynamic Study of Tau in a Microfluidic Chamber System via Quantum Dot Labeling

Rachel Seevers, 17, of Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Bioinspired Submersible Dual Propulsion System: A Novel Approach to Ultra-Efficient Submarine Propulsion Utilizing Starting and Stopping Vortex Rings Mirroring Jellyfish Motion

Craig R. Barrett Award for Innovation – $10,000

Shriya Reddy, 15, of Northville, Michigan, United States
A Novel, Noninvasive Approach to Melanoma Diagnosis Using Optical Coherence Tomography and Bioconjugated Gold Nanoparticles


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The 2019 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair featured over 1,800 young scientists selected from 423 affiliate fairs in more than 80 countries, regions and territories. In addition to the top winners, approximately 600 finalists received awards and prizes for their innovative research, including 22 “Best of Category” winners, who each received a US$5,000 prize in addition to their $3,000 first place award. The Intel Foundation also awarded a US$1,000 grant to each winner’s school and to the affiliated fair they represent.

The following lists the 22 Best of Category winners, from which the top three were chosen:





Animal Sciences Dylan Bagnall and Richard Beattie Dublin Ireland
Behavioral and Social Sciences Giovanni Santucci Ossining New York
Biochemistry Annika Morgan Redding Connecticut
Biomedical and Health Sciences Shriya Reddy Northville Michigan
Biomedical Engineering Krithik Ramesh Greenwood Village Colorado
Cellular and Molecular Biology Allison Jia San Jose California
Chemistry Helena Jiang Gainesville Florida
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Jason Ping Hackensack New Jersey
Earth and Environmental Sciences Katie Lu Springfield Missouri
Embedded Systems Max von Wolff Mayen Germany
Energy: Chemical Shicheng Hu Shanghai China
Energy: Physical Joonyoung Lee and Mincheol Park Busan South Korea
Engineering Mechanics Rachel Seevers Lexington Kentucky
Environmental Engineering Adyant Shankar Nashua New Hampshire
Materials Science Adrien Jathe Frankfurt Germany
Mathematics AnaMaria Perez Albuquerque New Mexico
Microbiology Poojan Pandya and Leo Takemaru Dix Hills and
East Setauket
New York
Physics and Astronomy Kaylie Hausknecht Lynbrook New York
Plant Sciences Amara Ifeji Bangor Maine
Robotics and Intelligent Machines Kevin Meng Plano Texas
Systems Software Adam Kelly Dublin Ireland
Translational Medical Science Hannah Herbst Boca Raton Florida

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