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Top Winners from 2011

Gordon E. Moore Award Winners of $75,000

  • Matthew Troy Feddersen, 17, of Lafayette, California, United States
  • Blake Marggraff , 18, of Lafayette, California, United States
    Treatment of Simulated Cancer Cells with Compton Scattering-Produced Secondary Radiation

Intel Foundation Young Scientist Awards – $50,000 each

  • Pornwasu Pongtheerawan, 16, Suratpittaya, Maung, Suratthani, Thailand
  • Tanpitcha Phongchaipaiboon, 17, Suratpittaya School, Meung district, Suratthani, Thailand
  • Arada Sungkanit, 17, Suratpittaya School, Meung district, Suratthani, Thailand
    Bio-Based Packaging Plastics from Fish Scale


  • Taylor Ramon Wilson, 17, of Reno, Nevada
    Countering Nuclear Terrorism: Novel Active and Passive Techniques for Detecting Nuclear Threats

2011 Alumni Updates

We welcome and encourage updates on alumni from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2011; please contact us with information.

In 2011, more than 1,500 young scientists were chosen to compete in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

They were selected from 443 affiliate fairs in 65 countries, regions and territories. In addition to the winners mentioned above, more than 400 finalists received awards and prizes for their groundbreaking work. Awards included 17 “Best of Category” winners who each received a $5,000 prize. The Intel Foundation also awarded a $1,000 grant to each winner’s school and to the affiliated fair they represent.

The following lists the 17 Best of Category winners from which the top three were chosen:

Category Name City State/Country
Animal Sciences Adrienne McColl San Pedro California
Behavioral and Social Sciences Andrew Kim Athens Georgia
Biochemistry Dianna Hu Dix Hills New York
Cellular and molecular Biology Nithin Tumma Fort Gratiot Michigan
Chemistry Raghavendra Ramachanderan Chennai India
Computer Science Lai Xue Chengdu China
Earth and Planetary Sciences Jane Cox Provo Utah
Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical Demitri Hopkins
Forrest Betton
Eric Thomas


Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering Samantha Marquez Midlothian Virginia
Energy and Transportation Nathan Kondamuri Dyer Indiana
Environmental Management Pornwasu Pongtheerawan
Tanpitcha Phongchaipaiboon
Arada Sungkanit
Meung Thailand
Environmental Sciences Jinyoung Seo
Dongju Shin
Go-Yang City
South Korea
Mathematical Sciences Matthew Bauerle Fenton Michigan
Medicine and Health Matthew Feddersen
Blake Marggraff
Lafayette California
Microbiology Erica Portnoy Dix Hills New York
Physics and Astronomy Taylor Wilson Reno Nevada
Plant Sciences Kira Powell Odessa Washington