Affiliation Fees

Fairs pay a fee to affiliate with the Society for participation in the Regeneron ISEF and Broadcom MASTERS. For Broadcom MASTERS, the fee is $75 if the fair is not ISEF affiliated.

It has been determined that the Regeneron ISEF will be held virtually in 2021.  We have reduced the fee structure to reflect this change.  To affiliate with the Society for the Regeneron ISEF, the base fee in 2021 is $550 for fairs that are allotted one to two projects. Fairs with more than two projects will pay an additional $75 per project. Fairs do not have to send their allotted number of projects to the Regeneron ISEF and may instead commit to sending fewer as their budgets allow.

A $50 discount is given to fairs that affiliate by the deadline in early October. Fairs are often dependent on universities or school systems to pay their affiliation fee, and those systems’ budget calendars vary widely, so fairs are given until mid-February to pay their affiliation fee. A $75 late charge will apply to fairs that submit their affiliation fee after the payment deadline date.

Affiliation fees are non-refundable as they support the Society’s annual management of the fair network.

Affiliation Fees

Base Fee (includes 1 or 2 projects) $550
Per Additional Project $75
Discount, if affiliation complete by October Deadline $50
Late Payment Fee, if payment not received by February deadline $75

Registration Fees

The Regeneron ISEF 2021 will be held virtually.  A registration fee of $180 per finalist will be charged. An Adult-in-Charge (AIC) will be required to register for the fair as the adult to contact with any questions or concerns on behalf of the fair. This most often will be the fair director or fair contact, but can be another individual that will serve in this capacity for you this coming May. This role will have a $1.00 USD registration fee to confirm an active registration in our system.

Fee Calendar

Below are the important dates and deadlines related to fees for ISEF.

August 31, 2020
Affiliation opens

October 7, 2020
Last date to submit affiliation agreement

December 31, 2020
Affiliation closes

February 15, 2021
Registration opens for all approved affiliated fairs

February 12, 2021, 5:00 pm EST
Deadline for affiliation payments. Any affiliation payments received after this date (both credit cards and checks) will be assessed a late fee

April 11, 2021
Last day to hold an affiliated fair

April 19, 2021
Last day to complete the Finalist Questionnaire and turn in all paperwork

April 26, 2021
All registration fee checks must be postmarked by this date or a late payment fee will be assessed.