Education Outreach Day Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many students can I bring?
    • You can bring anywhere from 5-100+ students if you are able to provide the transportation and chaperones needed for that number of students.
  2. How many adult chaperones should I bring?
    • Groups need to have 1 adult chaperone per 10 students.
  3. What time should my group arrive and depart?
    • Schools that are selected to attend may arrive as early as 8:30am and depart as late as 3:00pm. If you are selected, we will ask you to indicate what timing works best for your school.
  4. How long should my group plan to be at this event?
    • Groups will select a 4-hour time slot so they have enough time to experience all Education Outreach Day has to offer.
  5. My school can’t afford to pay for transportation to the convention center. Are we still able to attend?
    • You can apply for funding for transportation and substitute teachers when you apply to attend. If selected, Society for Science can reimburse the cost for transportation and substitute teachers up to a certain amount. Funding will be awarded based on financial need.
  6. How are schools chosen to attend?
    • Schools will be selected based on the answers to questions in the application. Spots are limited, so sign up as soon as you have approval from your administration.
  7. What knowledge should my students come in with?
    • Students don’t need to prepare anything special for the day’s activities. All they need to bring is an enthusiasm for STEM! We will be providing lesson plans you could use to help your students get the most out of the day.
  8. Is there a dress code?
    • Students should wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothes that they would normally wear to school. If possible, we highly recommend asking your students to wear your school color or the same shirts. There will be thousands of students at Education Outreach Day and similar clothing will help you to keep track of your group.
  9. When will I receive a schedule for the day?
    • Your school will receive a schedule upon arrival at the event. 
  10. Do my students need to bring lunch and snacks?
    • Yes, schools must bring their own lunches and snacks as they are not provided. Schools should bring them in boxes or coolers. Lunches will be collected as you get off your bus and stored until your lunch time. Storage is not refrigerated.
  11. When will I know if my school was selected and if we received funding?
    • Schools will be notified by March 1 if they have been selected to attend and receive funding.
  12. If my school is selected for funding for transportation and substitute teachers, how will we receive it?
    • If your school is selected for funding and you attend Education Outreach Day, after the event, you will submit your receipt, along with a W9 for your school, to
  13. What COVID-19 precautions will be in place?
    • Precautions will be decided upon closer to the event, taking into consideration the status of the pandemic and local laws.