Translational Medical Science

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Code: TMED

Projects that aim to improve human health and longevity by translating novel discoveries in the biomedical sciences into effective activities and tools for clinical and public health use. Bi-directional in concept, projects can be those developed through basic research moving toward clinical testing (bench-to-bedside) or projects that provide feedback about the applications of new treatments and how they can be improved (beside-to-bench).

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Translational Medical Science - Hannah Herbst, USA, 2019 Chris Ayers Photography/Society for Science


Disease Detection and Diagnosis
Disease Prevention
Disease Treatment and Therapies
Drug Identification and Testing
Pre-Clinical Studies

Disease Detection and Diagnosis (DIS): Studies in this category encompass a variety of novel assay methods to promote the identification, detection and determination of disorders and disease. They may involve studies at the system, organ, or cellular levels.

Disease Prevention (PRE): The study of health promotion and disease prevention activities and research to improve public health. These  studies might involve research to protect individuals from actual or potential health threats and their harmful consequences, or they may address novel approaches to aid in compliance for avoiding known health risks (e.g., smoking, drug use, obesity).

Disease Treatment and Therapies (TRE): The use of pharmaceuticals and other therapies, including natural and holistic remedies, intended to improve symptoms and treat or cure disorders or disease.

Drug Identification and Testing (DRU): These studies would be conducted to identify potential drugs or extracts that could be used to treat or cure disorders or disease. Studies in this category would involve initial testing of the compounds against an intended target. This category could also include testing a range of different compounds or extracts to determine relative potency and efficacy.

Pre-Clinical Studies (PCS): These studies of potential drugs or therapies would include testing the intervention in platforms such as cultured cells or animal models of disease. The investigations could be directed toward determining factors such as potential drug permeability, efficacy and/or toxicity. These studies could also investigate the best route of drug administration.

Other (OTH): Studies that cannot be assigned to one of the above subcategories. If the project involves multiple subcategories, the principal subcategory should be chosen instead of Other.