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The study or development of software, information processes or methodologies to demonstrate, analyze, or control a process/solution. For studies designed for artistic purpose please consider Technology Enhances the Arts (TECA).

ISEF Category Systems Software - Adam Kelly, Ireland
ISEF Category Systems Software - Adam Kelly, Ireland Chris Ayers Photography/Society for Science


Human/Machine Interface
Languages and Operating Systems
Mobile Apps
Online Learning

Algorithms (ALG): The study or creation of algorithms – step-by-step procedure of calculations to complete a specific task in data processing, automated reasoning and computing.

Cybersecurity (CYB): Studies involving the protection of a computer or computer system against unauthorized access or attacks. This can include studies involving hardware, network, software, host or multimedia security.

Databases (DAT): Studies that create or analyze data organization for ease of access, management and update.

Human/Machine Interface (HMC): Software application that presents information to a user about the state of a process and to accept and implement the operator’s control instructions.

Languages and Operating Systems (LNG): Studies that involve the development or analysis of artificial languages used to write instructions that can be translated into machine language and then executed by a computer or system software responsible for the direct control and management of hardware and basic system operations of a computer or mobile device.

Mobile Apps (APP): A study involving a software application developed specifically for use on small, wireless computing devices.  These studies may include front-end development techniques, such as user interface design and cross-platform support, and/or back-end development techniques, such as data services and business logic.

Online Learning (LRN): Studies that focus on utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional means.  Studies explore the design of learning activities and programs with online technologies, as well as the effective use of e-learning systems.

Other (OTH): Studies that cannot be assigned to one of the above subcategories. If the project involves multiple subcategories, the principal subcategory should be chosen instead of Other.