Robotics and Intelligent Machines

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Studies in which the use of machine intelligence is paramount to reducing the reliance on human intervention. For studies designed for artistic purpose please consider Technology Enahances the Arts (TECA).

ISEF Category Robotics and Intelligent Machines
Robotics and Intelligent Machines - Jangun Yeom, Korea Chris Ayers Photography/Society for Science


Cognitive Systems
Control Theory
Machine Learning
Robot Kinematics

Biomechanics (BIE): Studies and apparatus which mimic the role of mechanics in biological systems.

Cognitive Systems (COG): Studies/apparatus that operate similarly to the ways humans think and process information. Systems that provide for increased interaction of people and machines to more naturally extend and magnify human expertise, activity, and cognition.

Control Theory (CON): Studies that explore the behavior of dynamical systems with inputs, and how their behavior is modified by feedback.  This includes new theoretical results and the applications of new and established control methods, system modelling, identification and simulation, the analysis and design of control systems (including computer-aided design), and practical implementation.

Machine Learning (MAC): Construction and/or study of algorithms that can learn from data.

Robot Kinematics (KIN): The study of movement in robotic systems.

Other (OTH): Studies that cannot be assigned to one of the above subcategories. If the project involves multiple subcategories, the principal subcategory should be chosen instead of Other.