Regeneron ISEF 2020 Cancelled – FAQ


Why isn’t the Society postponing Regeneron ISEF, as you did with STS?

The Society has determined that postponing an event the size and scope of Regeneron ISEF was not feasible.  This involved reviewing the challenges associated with the volunteer and judge recruitment, securing the convention center and hotel rooms necessary and the graduation of many of the named finalists.  Additionally, so many fairs were cancelled and were not able to name finalists that postponement would exclude a significant portion of our fairs.

Why isn’t the Society hosting a virtual fair?

After much discussion, the Society determined it will not be hosting a virtual judging experience for Regeneron ISEF. Our decision was based on the following reasons:

    • A significant percentage of our affiliate fairs were not able to hold a fair and name finalists.
    • As an event that saw 80 countries, regions and territories represented at last year’s events, the logistical challenges of language, time zone and equity of technology suggests that any process that we could implement would not be experienced equally or justly across the audience to be judged.
    • Regeneron ISEF is an experience that goes beyond the boundaries of the judging interview process. It is a cultural and scientific exchange of people and ideas and experiences across 6 days.  A virtual judging appointment is not a substitute for this experience and we feel that it would be unfair to characterize it as such.

The Society applauds the efforts of the affiliated fairs that we were able make swift adjustments and implement virtual processes for judging and awarding students. We commend them for enabling their students to present their projects to scientists, engineers and educators.



Is my registration fee refundable?

In the coming days, the Society will follow up with any fair that paid registration fees and provide more direction on any possible refund process.

How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

All hotel reservations made through the Experient housing portal will be cancelled on your behalf. Of course, no penalties will be incurred, nor will any credit cards be charged.  Please direct any questions to Will Johnson .

Is my affiliation fee refundable?

Affiliation fees are non-refundable. If you have questions, please contact

Our current policy is that the affiliation fee is non-refundable as it supports listing your fair as active, the regional awards and the support that our staff provides throughout the year.



Am I considered an alum of the Society for Science & the Public even though I didn’t compete at ISEF? Can I tell colleges that I was a Regeneron ISEF finalist?

Yes. Congratulations on being named a Regeneron ISEF finalist and for competing in your local science fair! Although you did not compete in Regeneron ISEF, we still consider you to be a Regeneron ISEF finalist and an alum of the Society for Science & the Public.

I qualified to be a Regeneron ISEF finalist in 2020 and would like to transfer my finalist eligibility to 2021. Can I do that?

No, you must earn the right to compete at Regeneron ISEF 2021 by competing at your affiliated fair next year.



If you still have questions or need any information that isn’t covered here please contact