2017 Top 300 MASTERS

Students raise signs during the research quiz competition portion of the workshop. Photo courtesy of Abien Fred Agarap.

Some facts about the 2017 Top 300 MASTERS:

  • The Top 300 MASTERS hail from 236 middle schools in 39 states and represent 111 regional and state science fairs across the U.S.
  • 66 are from California, followed by Florida with 31, Texas with 21, Pennsylvania with 15, and New York with 14.
  • The Top 300 MASTERS were selected from more than 6,000 nominees and 2,499 applicants. Each application received three independent readings and evaluations by distinguished scientists, engineers and educators. Nominees qualified to enter the Broadcom MASTERS by being among the top 10 percent of the participants at their Society-affiliated science fairs. 
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The Top 300 MASTERS are listed in alphabetical order by last name below. To view this list in order by Society Affiliated Fair ID, please click here

Adams, Charlotte Grade: 8th
Walnut Hills High School, Cincinnati, OH
Project Title: Reflected Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure in Athletes

Ahluwalia, Ruhani Grade: 8th
Harmony School of Innovation, Fort Worth, TX
Project Title: Trojan Horse Delivers Lapatinib to Cancer Cells While It Limits Damage to Normal Cells

Alcordo, Sean Jacob Grade: 8th
Sacred Heart School, East Providence, RI
Project Title: A Klann of Variables

Almonte, Carolyn Grade: 8th
Burlington Township Middle School, Burlington, NJ
Project Title: The Effect of UV Radiation on the Metamorphic Process of Zophobas morio Larvae and the Ability of Bixin to Protect Against Observed UV Induced Damage

Amanullah, Yusuf Grade: 8th
Islamic School of San Diego, San Diego, CA
Project Title: A Novel Shower-Usage Monitoring System that Promotes Water Conservation

Ambati, Adarsh Grade: 7th
Stratford Middle School, San Jose, CA
Project Title: A Low-Cost, Cloud-based, Contactless Vital Signs Monitor Using Photoplethysmographic Imaging and Infrared Sensing Techniques

Anderson, Matthew Grade: 7th
Challenge Middle School, Denver, CO
Project Title: How the Number of Alpha Particles Shielded Changes with Different Types of Shielding

Aniya, Brian Grade: 8th
Roberto Clemente Middle School, Germantown, MD
Project Title: Using Magnetism in the Process of Cleaning Oil Spills

Ansari, Nadia Grade: 7th
Fairmont Private Schools, Santa Ana, CA
Project Title: Passive Xylem Filter for Bacterial Elimination from Wastewater

Anthony, Ryan Grade: 8th
Academy of Saint Adalbert, Berea, OH
Project Title: The Effect of Concentration and the Maillard Reaction on the Optical Rotation of Glucose, Fructose, and Sucrose

Arun, Aaditya Grade: 6th
Fort Settlement Middle School, Sugarland, TX
Project Title: Defluoridation of Water with Eco-Friendly Filters

Ashar, Perisa Grade: 8th
George H. Moody Middle School, Henrico, VA
Project Title: A Novel, Inexpensive Inhibitor for Bromelain: The Effect of Various Mushrooms as Inhibitors of Bromelain’s Proteolytic Activity on Milk Proteins and Its Cytotoxic Effects on Prostate Cancer Cells

Ashrani, Uma Grade: 8th
Friedell Middle School, Rochester, MN
Project Title: Does the Pitch of a Propeller’s Blades Affect Its Efficiency?

Babu, Sarvesh Grade: 8th
Meyzeek Middle School, Louisville, KY
Project Title: Thought-Code: A Novel New Application of EEGs as Biometric Identification, Part 1

Bailey, Ian Grade: 8th
Garden City Middle School, Garden City, NY
Project Title: Biopreservative’s Effect on the Shelf Life of Fresh Raspberries

Bain, Julian Grade: 8th
Missoula International School, Missoula, MT
Project Title: Focus Pocus – Using Auto-focusing Water-based Lenses at Different Distances

Baker, Maya Grade: 8th
Saint Gregory College Preparatory School, Tucson, AZ
Project Title: The Correlation Between Sabino Canyon Cottonwood Tree Size (Populus fremontii) and Hydraulic Gradient of the Water Table

Balachandar, Anjana Grade: 7th
Abraham Lincoln Middle School, Gainesville, FL
Project Title: High-Fives for Wi-Fi

Balasingam, Akhilesh Grade: 8th
Challenger School – Strawberry Park, San Jose, CA
Project Title: The Test Tube Reimagined: On the Optimal Design of 3D-Printable Lab-on-a-Chip Devices for Low-Cost Onsite Medical Diagnostics

Behari, Meghna Grade: 8th
Marshall Middle School, Wexford, PA
Project Title: Aquabot: An Integrated Modular Platform for Testing and Monitoring Surface Water Quality

Behl, Hansika Grade: 8th
Elkins Pointe Middle School, Roswell, GA
Project Title: Basil Tri-Ponics

Bhagavatula, Anika Grade: 8th
Middlebrook Middle School, Wilton, CT
Project Title: A Novel Method for Oil Spill Cleanup Using Biomass

Bharati, Nikita Grade: 8th
Accelerated Middle School at Basha High School, Chandler, AZ
Project Title: The Antioxidizing, Antimicrobial, and Anitmutagenic Effects of Tree Bark

Bhatti, Maximillian Grade: 8th
Oak Avenue Intermediate School, Temple City, CA
Project Title: An Evaluation of the Flight Characteristics of Ornithopter-type Aircraft Systems

Bhunia, Irene Grade: 7th
West Lafayette Junior/Senior High School, West Lafayette, IN
Project Title: Antibiotic Resistance: Conventional vs. Organic Chickens

Bian, Sarah Grade: 8th
Challenge Middle School, Denver, CO
Project Title: Barking up the Wrong Forest

Booker V, Clifford Grade: 6th
Cure of Ars, Leawood, KS
Project Title: The Gutter Flipper

Bosacoma, Eleanor Grade: 8th
Northbrook Junior High School, Northbrook, IL
Project Title: The Correlation Between Cat Gender and Purr Frequency

Braun, Lucas Grade: 8th
Whitford Middle School, Beaverton, OR
Project Title: An Examination of Nucleation Through Video Analysis

Brim, Nathaniel Grade: 8th
The Classical Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
Project Title: Depuration Kinetics of Activated Carbon with Ion Exchange Resins, Poly Filter Pad, and Freshwater Bivalves in Aqueous Solutions Contaminated with Heavy Metals

Brooks, Rachel Grade: 8th
Christian Heritage School, Trumbull, CT
Project Title: The Fabrication and Testing of Various Fruit Juice Dye-sensitized Solar Cells with the Addition of Preservatives

Brouwer, Julia Grade: 8th
Calvin Christian School, Edina, MN
Project Title: Leafy Green Astronauts Year Two: How Space Radiation Impacts Seed Germination and Subsequent Plant Growth of Monocot Versus Dicot Seeds

Burns, Duncan Grade: 6th
Early Light Academy, South Jordan, UT
Project Title: The Effect of Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

Burris, Luke Grade: 8th
Tavares Middle School, Tavares, FL
Project Title: Applying the Quantum Inconcistency Problem, Year 2

Burt, Tyler Grade: 8th
North Arvada Middle School, Arvada, CO
Project Title: BPANIC?

Butler, Georgia Grade: 8th
Saint Charles School, San Carlos, CA
Project Title: A Magnetic Surfboard: Will Sharks be Lured or Perturbed?

Byrnes, Aidan Grade: 7th
The Rhoades School, Encinitas, CA
Project Title: Avian Dangers- Developing Devices for the Prevention of Bird Strike

Byron, Natalie Grade: 8th
Alice B. Landrum Middle School, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Project Title: Mighty Microgreens: Don’t Judge Your Greens by Their Size

Cain, Noah Grade: 6th
Krystal School of Science, Math, and Technology, Hesperia, CA
Project Title: Kids Still at Risk: Particulate Matter and Flammable Gas Exposed

Carter, Holly Grade: 6th
Sierra Madre Middle School, Sierra Madre, CA
Project Title: How do the Sound Properties of a Glass Goblet Depend on the Type and Amount of Liquid?

Catanzaro, Francisco Grade: 8th
Pacific Beach Middle School, San Diego, CA
Project Title: Detecting Gopher Tunnels Using Ground Penetrating Radar

Ceniceros, Isabela Grade: 8th
Bernalillo Middle School, Bernalillo, NM
Project Title: Perfect Produce: Canned, Frozen, or Fresh

Champion, Katie Grade: 7th
American Martyrs School, Manhattan Beach, CA
Project Title: Creating Food Options for Those Allergic to Heavy Metals

Chandar, Maya Grade: 7th
Canterbury School, Fort Myers, FL
Project Title: The Effects of High Frequency Shortwaves and Laser Beams on the Metamorphosis of Melittobia digitata (A Novel Second Year Study)

Chiang, Andrew Grade: 8th
BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA
Project Title: Manipulation of Ultrasonic Force Field

Choi, Daniel Grade: 7th
Roberto Clemente Middle School, Germantown, MD
Project Title: The Effects of Temperature and Seasonings on the Proteolytic Function of Fruit Proteases

Choi, Gaang Grade: 7th
Hunter College High School, New York, NY
Project Title: Effects of Nutrition on Silk Production

Chou, Mia Grade: 8th
La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara, CA
Project Title: Radon: The Silent Killer in Your House

Chowdhury, Naisha Grade: 7th
Pleasant View School, Memphis, TN
Project Title: Natural Seal, Better Deal

Chun, Alicia Grade: 8th
Hilo Intermediate School, Hilo, HI
Project Title: Investigating Sound Quality with Panflutes Using Different Types of Materials

Clark, Emelia Grade: 8th
North Bay Haven, Panama City, FL
Project Title: Oyster Propagation

Clary, Joseph Grade: 8th
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet School, Shreveport, LA
Project Title: Warning: Baby on Board

Cluff, Kady Grade: 6th
Heritage Middle School, Meridian, ID
Project Title: Dominant “Sweet Spot”

Co, Jason Grade: 7th
Juan Cabrillo Middle School, Santa Clara, CA
Project Title: The iCane

Cohan, James Grade: 8th
Howard W. Bishop Middle School, Gainesville, FL
Project Title: Determining the Optimal Cooking Method and Pan Material for Preserving Nutrients in White Cauliflower

Colin, Samantha Grade: 7th
West Central Valley Middle School, Redfield, IA
Project Title: Driving Kidney Cell Differentiation

Conway, Aliana Grade: 8th
St. Francis of Assisi, Louisville, KY
Project Title: A Safe Substitute? Bisphenol-S Affects Health and Learning

Cotter, Madeleine Grade: 7th
Allendale Columbia School, Rochester, NY
Project Title: Watching Our Water

Crouchley, Austin Grade: 7th
Garden City Middle School, Garden City, NY
Project Title: Archimedes Inspired Hydro-powered Solar PV Azimuth Tracking Mechanism: A Solution to the Energy and Water Crisis

Cruz, Parker Grade: 7th
St. Mary- Glenshaw, Hampton, VA
Project Title: OYS2CLOT: The Novel Hemostatic (Blood-Clotting) Properties of Chitosan Extracted from Chesapeake Bay (Crassostrea virginica) Oyster Shells

Dambrosio, Joseph Grade: 8th
Fred S. Engle Middle School, West Grove, PA
Project Title: A New Platform for Faster Social Media

Damle, Radhika Grade: 7th
Friedell District Wide Middle School, Rochester, MN
Project Title: Don’t Toss MyPlate

Dasari, Satvik Grade: 8th
Canyon Vista Middle School, Austin, TX
Project Title: HydroAlert – Flood Warning System

Deere, Jacob Grade: 8th
Saint Agnes School, Fort Wright, KY
Project Title: How Do Aluminum Birds Stay UP in the Sky?

Deras, Monica Grade: 8th
Kenilworth School of Science and Technology, Baton Rouge, LA
Project Title: Enhanced Photothermal Response of Nanoparticles for Photothermal Cancer Therapy

DeVine, Lela Grade: 8th
Waiakea Intermediate School, Hilo, HI
Project Title: The Effects of Turbidity on the Color Spectrum at Different Depths

Ding, Marissa Grade: 8th
Friedell Middle School, Rochester, MN
Project Title: Does the Pitch of a Propeller’s Blades Affect Its Efficiency?

Dixit, Ruchika Grade: 8th
Cupertino Middle School, Sunnyvale, CA
Project Title: How Quorum Sensing and Media Affect Bacterial Bioluminescence

Drab, Alexa Grade: 8th
Okaloosa STEMM Academy, Valparaiso, FL
Project Title: Neonicotinoids’ Role in Colony Collapse Disorder: Infliction or Fiction?

Drabbant, Steven Grade: 8th
Gerald D. Irons, Sr. Junior High School, Conroe, TX
Project Title: How Does the Sun Affect Radio Propagation?

Ebel, Grant Grade: 8th
Magnolia Junior High School, Magnolia, TX
Project Title: Cold Concussions

Eckmann, Peter Grade: 8th
Stella Maris Academy, San Diego, CA
Project Title: Airfoil Optimization by Applying Evolutionary Algorithms to Computational Fluid Dynamics

Edelstein, Sierra Grade: 8th
Gulf Middle School, Cape Coral, FL
Project Title: The Pearl of the Ocean: Do Freshwater Releases from Lake Okeechobee Affect the Filtration Rate of Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in Southwest Florida Estuaries?

Eilers, Emily Grade: 8th
Wayne Junior/Senior High School, Wayne, NE
Project Title: The Spatial Variation of Macroinvertebrates in a Small Lake

Eswaran, Surabhee Grade: 8th
Forest Heights STEM Academy, Little Rock, AR
Project Title: Going Bananas with Recycling

Fastring, Reilly Grade: 6th
Little Oak Middle School, Slidell, LA
Project Title: Determining the Temperature Coefficient of Resistance of Copper by Using Lenz’s Law

Fatima, Areebah Grade: 8th
Salam Academy, Richardson, TX
Project Title: Weather Resilient Self Cleaning Solar Array

Feliciano, Max Grade: 8th
Southwestern Educational Society, Mayaguez, PR
Project Title: Push Button Combination Safety for Trigger Using Devices

Feng, Daniel Grade: 8th
Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, Irvine, CA
Project Title: Are Southern Californian Waters in Danger of Algae Blooms?

Flaherty, Anna Grade: 7th
St. Gregory the Great School, Danbury, CT
Project Title: Wind Energy: I’m a Big “Fan”

Flynn, Grace Grade: 7th
Saint Timothy Middle School, West Hartford, CT
Project Title: Green Tea: A Simple Solution for a Bananas Problem?

Fontana, Ethan Grade: 8th
Hidden Oaks Middle School, Prior Lake, MN
Project Title: Safety Beacon System Enhancing Hazard Detection by Semi-Autonomous Vehicles

Foo, Nathan Grade: 8th
West Shore Junior/Senior High School, Melbourne, FL
Project Title: Deriving a Predator-Prey Mathematical Model for Regulating the Growth of Harmful Algae Blooms with Different Species of Zooplankton Inside of a Water Ecological System

Gali, Yahvin Grade: 7th
California Connections Academy at Ripon, Ripon, CA
Project Title: Watts from Waves – Low Impact, Nature Inspired, Hydrokinetic Energy Harvester

Gallagher, Elizabeth Grade: 8th
St. Francis of Assisi, Louisville, KY
Project Title: Trash to Treasure: Converting Plastic Bottles to Porous Carbon

Gallardo, Logan Grade: 8th
Camp Lester Middle School, FPO, AP
Project Title: Exploring the Potential of Bacteria Loads on Surface Sand Found on Okinawa Beaches

Gan, Jessie Grade: 8th
San Diego Jewish Academy, San Diego, CA
Project Title: Natural Antioxidant and Nano-Antioxidant Effects Against Oxidative Stress

Gandhi, Saurav Grade: 7th
Juan Cabrillo Middle School, Santa Clara, CA
Project Title: The iCane Traffic System

Garcia, Christiana Grade: 7th
Young Women’s Leadership Academy, San Antonio, TX
Project Title: Novel Biochar Elastomer Composite Sponge for Low-Cost Water Remediation

Garg, Yash Grade: 8th
Rice Middle School, Plano, TX
Project Title: Jail Break: Using Game Theory to Study the Emergence of the Nash Equilibrium and Cooperation in the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma

Garimella, Amulya Grade: 8th
Dorseyville Middle School, Pittsburgh, PA
Project Title: Pensieve: Analyzing the Genes that Affect Memory

Garner, Espen Grade: 8th
Saint Margaret’s Episcopal School, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Project Title: Buzz Trap: Designing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Trap Mosquitoes for Scientific Testing

Gilbert, Mckayla Grade: 8th
Hermosa Middle School, Farmington, NM
Project Title: Metallic Corn

Gluckman, Leia Grade: 7th
Beverly Vista Middle School, Beverly Hills, CA
Project Title: A Clean Conscience: Formulating an All-Purpose Hair, Dental and Body Cleansing Powder for the Homeless Population

Gnanasekar, Arti Grade: 6th
Stratford School- Sunnyvale Raynor Middle School, Sunnyvale, CA
Project Title: Investigating the Effects of Different Chemical Composition of Pesticides on the Survival of Honeybees

Goluguri, Ishita Grade: 8th
Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School, Westborough, MA
Project Title: The James Webb Space Telescope

Gotthold, Zoe Grade: 8th
Carmichael Middle School, Richland, WA
Project Title: A Novel Method for the Efficient Determination of Long-term Emulsion Stability

Green, Spencer Grade: 7th
The Pegasus School, Huntington Beach, CA
Project Title: The Sonification of Accelerometers for the Training of Elite Gymnasts

Greenwald, Neve Grade: 8th
La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara, CA
Project Title: Harvesting Atmospheric Water

Grossenbaugh, Emily Grade: 8th
St. Luke’s Lutheran School, Oviedo, FL
Project Title: Print vs. Nature

Hancock, Lia Grade: 8th
Schofield Middle School, Aiken, SC
Project Title: Investigating Why Chickens Lay Fewer Eggs in the Winter

Hawkins, Hope Grade: 8th
Camp Lester Middle School, FPO, AP
Project Title: Exploring the Potential of Bacteria Loads Found on Surface Sand on Okinawa Beaches

Heffernan, Isabella Grade: 8th
Saint Mary Academy Bay View, East Providence, RI
Project Title: Going Epi-Pen-less: Can Altering the Microbiome Cure Peanut Allergies?

Helmy, Jad Grade: 8th
Abraham Lincoln Middle School, Gainesville, FL
Project Title: Optimizing and Extending Alzimio to Help Dementia, Autism, and Alzheimer’s Patients

Herbig, Patrick Grade: 8th
Whitney M. Young High School Academic Center, Chicago, IL
Project Title: The Sorbo Helmet

Herke, Colin Grade: 8th
Westdale Middle School, Baton Rouge, LA
Project Title: Sizing PCR Amplicons Using YoYo-1 Dye and the ABI 3130xl DNA Sequencer

Hessler, Zachary Grade: 6th
Gifford Middle School, Vero Beach, FL
Project Title: Save Our Silence: A Digital Approach to Noise Reduction

Hill, Anthony Grade: 8th
Churchill Junior High, Salt Lake City, UT
Project Title: No Pressure: The Effects of Martian-like Atmospheric Pressure on Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions in Plants

Hovekamp, Grace Grade: 8th
St. Francis of Assisi, Louisville, KY
Project Title: Cissus Quadrangularis: A Potentially New Anti-Cancer Compound

Hsi, Emily Grade: 7th
Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, Irvine, CA
Project Title: How to Remove Ink Stains

Hughes, Mira Grade: 7th
Kosciuszko Middle School, Hamtramck, MI
Project Title: Sugar: Consider a Substitute

Ilaga, Royce Daniel Grade: 8th
Waipahu Intermediate School, Waipahu, HI
Project Title: The Effect of “Rice Wash” on the Growth and Fruit-bearing Ability of Lycopersicon esculentum

Inaganti, Rahul Grade: 8th
Springhouse Middle School, Allentown, PA
Project Title: The Effect of Aquatic Liming on Acidified Cultures of Daphnia magna

Indla, Aditya Grade: 7th
Challenger School – Ardenwood, Newark, CA
Project Title: A Microcontroller and Air Pollution Sensor Based Smart Air Filter Controller

Iosifescu, Andrei Grade: 7th
Hunter College High School, New York, NY
Project Title: The Impact of Asteroid Composition on Their Appearance, Morphology and Motion

Ismail, Ahmad Grade: 7th
Granada Islamic School, Santa Clara, CA
Project Title: Effect of Structure and Behavior of Antifungal Agents on the Treatment of Candidiasis

Iyer, Vedanth Grade: 8th
Stoller Middle School, Portland, OR
Project Title: Using Li2O Based Glass to Create Solid State Electrolytes for Safer Use in Li-Ion Batteries

Jang, Michael Grade: 7th
Commack Middle School, Commack, NY
Project Title: Organic Electricity Generator

Jarmale, Shashank Grade: 8th
Cyril D. Locke Middle School, Billerica, MA
Project Title: Determining the Most Efficient Design of a Microbial Fuel Cell

Jeyaseelan, Abhirami Grade: 8th
Glasgow Middle School, Baton Rouge, LA
Project Title: The Hidden Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

Job, Leo Grade: 8th
Anthem K-8 School, Florence, AZ
Project Title: Focusing a WiFi Signal Using a Parabolic Reflector

Johnson, Luke Grade: 6th
Ray and Nancy Hodge Elementary School, Imperial, MO
Project Title: Long Term Egg Storage

Jordan, Marissa Grade: 8th
Homeschool, Ignacio, CO
Project Title: A Softer Side of Robots: Using Grippers Made from Soft Materials

Joven, Zuriel Erikson Grade: 8th
Sutter Middle School – Sacramento, Sacramento, CA
Project Title: Improving the EyeWriter for Patients with Locked-in Syndrome

Kadaba, Samarth Grade: 8th
Los Cerritos Middle School, Thousand Oaks, CA
Project Title: Better Batteries: A Study of Galvanic Cells

Kadadi, Yash Grade: 8th
The Westminster Schools, Atlanta, GA
Project Title: VARS: Enabling Deep Space Exploration Through Variable Active Radiation Shielding

Kalyan, Pooja Grade: 8th
The New School, Fayetteville, AR
Project Title: The Sleep Solution

Kammerer, Samantha Grade: 8th
North Bay Haven, Panama City, FL
Project Title: Can Cryogenically Preserving Seeds Save Florida’s Citrus from Extinction?

Kang, Herin Grade: 7th
Stratford Middle School – San Jose, San Jose, CA
Project Title: Energy Efficient Oxygen Generator Using Micro Algae as an Alternative to Window Ventilation

Kappler, Alan Grade: 6th
Carden Cascade Academy, Hillsboro, OR
Project Title: Square-retaining Numbers

Karamchedu, Mithra Grade: 7th
Stoller Middle School, Portland, OR
Project Title: Remote Sensing the Ablation or Accumulation of a Glacier by Using Fractal Analysis on Glacier Images

Kasarla, Gauri Grade: 8th
American Heritage School, Plantation, FL
Project Title: Testing the Efficiency of Avastin in Zebrafish Embryos to Design a Control Mechanism for Possible Implications in the Treatment of Hypoxia in Premature Infants

Kaufman, Sara Grade: 6th
American Heritage School, Plantation, FL
Project Title: The Effects of Wind Mitigation Devices on Gabled Roofs

Kayaalp, Ozan Grade: 8th
Takoma Park Middle School, Silver Spring, MD
Project Title: Optimizing Policies in a Two Player Game

Kent, Robert Grade: 8th
Saint Anselm School, Chesterland, OH
Project Title: Are Microplastic Contaminants More Abundant in Farm Raised or Wild Clams?

Kim, Jaeah Grade: 8th
Hunter College High School, New York, NY
Project Title: Plastic, Unlike Money, Grows on Trees: A Novel Method of Creating Bioplastic with Cissus rombifolia Foliage

Kim, Jaejeong Grade: 8th
Hunter College High School, Manhattan, NY
Project Title: Plastic (Unlike Money) Grows on Trees: A Novel Method of Creating Bioplastic with Cissus rhombifolia Foliage

Koehler, Kent Grade: 8th
Bend Science Station, Bend, OR
Project Title: Vietnamese Walking Stick Dietary Habits

Kulkarni, Anushka Grade: 7th
Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy, Charlotte, NC
Project Title: Yielding Hydrogen by the Electrolysis of Water Using a Hoffman Apparatus

Kumaran, Janani Grade: 7th
Abraham Lincoln Middle School, Gainesville, FL
Project Title: Can Snails Act as Biological Control Agents for the Aquatic Invasive Plant, Hydrilla?

Kummel, Kathryn Grade: 8th
North Middle School, Colorado Springs, CO
Project Title: Gone with the Wind: An Investigation of the Horseshoe Vortex Behind Tree Islands on Pikes Peak and What It Means for Tree Growth

LaFortune, Alexander Grade: 8th
Cocoa Beach Junior/Senior High School, Cocoa Beach, FL
Project Title: Contaminated vs. Clean, Year 2: The Effects of Unfiltered and UV-filtered Solar Radiation on the Viability of Gram-Positive Micrococcus luteus and Gram-Negative E. coli K-12 Bacteria

Legaspi, Felimon Grade: 7th
Incarnation Parish School, Glendale, CA
Project Title: To Bridge or Not to Bridge? Truss, Arch, Beam or Suspension? Strength, Structural Efficiency and Seismic Safety of Bridges

Lerner-Sperow, Gabriel Grade: 6th
Okaloosa STEMM Academy, Valparaiso, FL
Project Title: Hydrogen Production Through Ratio Variance of Sodium Carbonate and Calcium Hydroxide

Li, Christopher Grade: 8th
West High School, Salt Lake City, UT
Project Title: Melanoma Susceptibility Gene Mutations in Individuals with Multiple Melanomas

Li, Grace Grade: 8th
Challenger School – Almaden, San Jose, CA
Project Title: An Organic Insulator: The Effect of Green Roof Plant Type on Thermal Reduction

Li, Kevin Grade: 8th
Waiakea Intermediate School, Hilo, HI
Project Title: Rapid Ohia Death: The Effectiveness of Biofungicide Treatments and Determining Its Method of Transmission

Li, Marvin Grade: 8th
Bennett Middle School, Fruitland, MD
Project Title: Applying Machine Learning to Satellite Remote Sensing of Optically Complex Coastal Waters

Li, William Grade: 8th
Delbarton School, Morristown, NJ
Project Title: Project Name: Not Your Tree-ditional Search Program: A Performance Analysis of Monte-Carlo-Tree-Search Playing Board Games

Lickiss, Emily Grade: 6th
Mountain Oaks, San Andreas, CA
Project Title: Dietary Protein, Dog Urine, and Its Effect on Your Lawn

LIn, Johnson Grade: 8th
Hawaii Baptist Academy, Honolulu, HI
Project Title: Gene Therapy on Lung Cancer Cells

Lindholm, Elizabeth Grade: 7th
Carmel Middle School, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
Project Title: Can I Have Some of that? Group Foraging in Coral Reef Fishes Across Three Caribbean Islands

Litt, Stephen Grade: 7th
Lovinggood Middle School, Powder Springs, GA
Project Title: Phase 2: Does Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate Inhibit Tumorigenesis in Planaria (Dugesia tigrina)? A Novel Approach Toward a Cure for Cancer

Liu, Stanley Grade: 8th
Dana Middle School, Arcadia, CA
Project Title: Development of Advanced Microfluidic Device for CTC Capture from Blood Samples

Lyons, Helen Grade: 8th
Hunter College High School, New York, NY
Project Title: Using Flotation Systems to Harness Wave Power Using Electromagnetism

MacDonald, Emma Grade: 8th
General Ray Davis Middle School, Stockbridge, GA
Project Title: What are the Immediate Effects of Second Hand Smoke? E-Cigarettes vs. Conventional Cigarettes

Mallick, Pratyush Grade: 8th
Bowman Middle School, Plano, TX
Project Title: The Fibrinogen Factor

Malmurugan, Hariharan Grade: 6th
Sunrise Elementary, Kent, WA
Project Title: Winter Jacket as the Power House & Self Powering Shoes to Light up the Path for Mountaineers

Mandelshtam, Andrei Grade: 8th
Vista Verde School, Irvine, CA
Project Title: Limiting Behavior of the Iterations of Tangent

Mandyam, Atulya Grade: 7th
Mesa Verde Middle School, San Diego, CA
Project Title: Wheel Running During Adolescence Reduces Weight Gain and Increases Exercize Output During Adulthood

Marden, Pearl Grade: 8th
Mount Ogden Junior High School, Ogden, UT
Project Title: FUN GUY SAVES THE PLANET: Using Unicellular Algae to Solve Global Issues

Marreddy, Srivaishnavi Grade: 7th
Canyon Vista Middle School, Austin, TX
Project Title: MedElite – Personal Doctor in Your Pocket

Marty, Wesley Grade: 8th
Camp Lester Middle School, FPO, AP
Project Title: Exploring the Potential of Bacterial Loads on Surface Sand Found on Okinawa Beaches

Matt, Gracie Grade: 8th
Lafayette Christian Academy, Lafayette, LA
Project Title: The Pampered House

McClain, EmmaKay Grade: 8th
Clay Central- Everly Junior/Senior High School, Royal, IA
Project Title: If Butterflies Survive, Do Weeds Thrive?

McDowell, Alexander Grade: 8th
Tierra Linda Middle School, San Carlos, CA
Project Title: Neural Espionage: Can Adversarial Neural Networks Learn to Apply Encryption to Images

McGee, Liam Grade: 7th
Jefferson Middle School, Albuquerque, NM
Project Title: Building and Testing Solar Powered Water Filters

Mehdi, Hassan Grade: 8th
Al-Amal School, Fridley, MN
Project Title: Is it O Too Less?

Mehta, Tanya Grade: 8th
Orefield Middle School, Orefield, PA
Project Title: Seeking a Cure for Schizophrenia – A Biochemical in vitro Study to Identify the Inhibitors for DAAO Activity in Human Brain

Menard, Sarah Grade: 8th
Charles S. Rushe Middle School, Land O’ Lakes, FL
Project Title: How Particle Size of Surface Terrain Affects the Amplitude of Seismic Waves Produced by a Meteor Impact

Miller, Lillian Grade: 8th
Perkiomen Valley Middle School, Collegeville, PA
Project Title: Microfiber Pollution and Microbial Enviroments

Miranda, Mailene Grade: 8th
Saint Joseph Catholic School, Jacksonville, FL
Project Title: What Makes Science A-Peel-ing: Tensile Strength of Banana Fibers

Mirza, Sophya Grade: 8th
Lennox Middle School, Lennox, CA
Project Title: Decoding the Artificial Intelligence Behind Tactile and Photocell Navigation

Modi, Ashini Grade: 7th
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet School, Shreveport, LA
Project Title: Big Bang to Big Freeze: Lifting the Veil on Hubble’s Constant to Shed New Light on the Fate of our Universe

Mohapatra, Pratyush Grade: 8th
Renner Middle School, Plano, TX
Project Title: A Camera for an Eye Makes the Whole World See

Moisan, Abigail Grade: 8th
Masconomet Regional Middle School, Boxford, MA
Project Title: Genetically Engineered Pollinating Plants: Changes in UV Spectrum

Monette, Mark Grade: 8th
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, Salt Lake City, UT
Project Title: Liar, Liar, Map on Fire

Moorthy, Arjun Grade: 8th
BASIS Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ
Project Title: Can Technology be Used to Modify Behavior and Reduce Rates of Melanoma?

Moudgalya, Pranav Grade: 7th
Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, Irvine, CA
Project Title: Energy of the Future: Using a Microbial Fuel Cell to Harness Bacterial Power Production

Mulukutla, Srimayi Grade: 7th
Sewickley Academy, Sewickley, PA
Project Title: Antibacterial Effects of Copper Surfaces

Mynampati, Saketh Grade: 8th
Cyril D. Locke Middle School, Billerica, MA
Project Title: Chirality: Twisting Light into a Brighter Future

Navid, Honora Grade: 8th
Shady Side Academy Middle School, Pittsburgh, PA
Project Title: Polling Pollinators: Do Pollinators Prefer Native Plants, Cultivars, or Nativars? A Two-Year Study

Nazareth, Michelle Grade: 8th
Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory, Santa Cruz, CA
Project Title: ASD Alert! A Novel Low Cost Device to Help Predict and Mitigate Oncoming Autistic Episodes

Nemeth, Quinn Grade: 7th
Crane Middle School, Yuma, AZ
Project Title: Rogue Wind: A Science Wars Story

Nerenberg, Marrin Grade: 8th
Carden School of Fresno, Fresno, CA
Project Title: Active vs. Passive: Which Sun-tracking Solar Panel System is More Efficient?

Nicholas, Peter Grade: 7th
Rye Neck Middle School, Mamaroneck, NY
Project Title: The Bioremediation of Plastic

Noland, Anson Grade: 8th
Portola Highly Gifted Magnet Middle School, Tarzana, CA
Project Title: Computational Local Alignment Search of Neurodegenerative Disease-related Proteins

Nori, Divya Grade: 8th
Elkins Pointe Middle School, Roswell, GA
Project Title: Basil Tri-Ponics

Ojha, Lara Grade: 8th
Takoma Park Middle School, Silver Spring, MD
Project Title: Blazar Emissions: Gamma-Optical Tango

Orczyk, Alexandra Grade: 8th
The Rhoades School, Escondido, CA
Project Title: Comparing Changes in Local Sea Star Populations

Orth, Amara Grade: 7th
Lewis Central Middle School, Council Bluffs, IA
Project Title: Natural Antimicrobials in the Beehive: Effects of Propolis on Serratia marcescens

Ortiz, Nikolai Grade: 8th
Seashore Middle Academy, Corpus Christi, TX
Project Title: Storm Water Pollution? You’ll be Lichen This Solution!

Osborn, Zoe Grade: 7th
Northcoast Preparatory Academy, Arcata, CA
Project Title: What Organisms Other than Ideonella sakaiensis Have the Ability to Digest and Degrade PET? A Bioinformatics Project

Ostberg, Luke Grade: 8th
Fairfield Junior High, Fairfield, MT
Project Title: Trash to Gas: The Production of Biogas Using Anaerobic Digestion

Pabari, Raj Grade: 7th
Coastal Academy, Oceanside, CA
Project Title: AquaGuard – A Smart Water Sensor and Electronic Alert System (Internet of Things Device)

Padala, Akshay Grade: 7th
LISA Academy- West, Little Rock, AR
Project Title: Making Combat Vehicles Safer from Blasts: Thermal Conductivity of Metal Foams

Palmer, Sydney Grade: 8th
General Ray Davis Middle School, Stockbridge, GA
Project Title: What are the Immediate Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Lung Cells: E-Cigarettes vs. Conventional Cigarettes?

Pardo, William Grade: 7th
George H. Moody Middle School, Henrico, VA
Project Title: The Effect of the Combination of Rocks on the Speed and Effectiveness of Water Filtration

Park, Jian Grade: 8th
Fairmont Private School – Historic Anaheim Campus, Anaheim, CA
Project Title: Elliptical Wingtip Extensions: A Novel Way to Improve Airplane Performance

Patel, Tej Grade: 8th
Cyril D. Locke Middle School, Billerica, MA
Project Title: Chirality- Twisting Light into a Bright Future

Patel, Tejal Grade: 8th
Kraemer Middle School, Placentia, CA
Project Title: Cellular Factors Involved in the Progression of DCIS to Invasive Breast Cancer

Patterson, Hannah Grade: 8th
Clark Shaw Magnet School, Mobile, AL
Project Title: Algebraic Hot Spots

Peine, Isabel Grade: 8th
Thomas More Prep-Marian, Hays, KS
Project Title: Ethanol – Breath of Fresh Air

Pichappan, Kannammai Grade: 7th
Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Ridgewood, NJ
Project Title: What Common Foods Possess Anti-Microbial Properties?

Pinkhassik, Timothy Grade: 8th
Charles E. Brown Middle School, Newton, MA
Project Title: Wearable Diagnostic Platform

Piwinski, John Grade: 8th
Basis San Antonio Medical Center, San Antonio, TX
Project Title: Android Application and Supercomputational Multithreading for the Chemistry Calculator

Pizzolato, Rachel Grade: 7th
John Curtis Christian, River Ridge, LA
Project Title: Generating Electricity by Harnessing Air that Flows Around a Skyscraper Using Bernoulli’s Principle and the Venturi Effect with Special Emphasis on Biomimicry

Pond, Michael Grade: 6th
Jordan Ridge Elementary, South Jordan, UT
Project Title: Slip Slidin’ Away: Optimizing the Coefficient of Static Friction Between Shoes and Ice

Poston, Ella Grade: 8th
Covenant Christian Academy, Huntsville, AL
Project Title: Chlorantraniliprole Effect on Corn Seedling Emergence

Prabhakar, Ashwin Grade: 6th
Rainbow Elementary, Madison, AL
Project Title: Arduino and Thermoplastic Polymer Based Fluidic DNA Sensor

Prabhakar, Garima Grade: 8th
Saint Bernadette School, Northborough, MA
Project Title: Improving the Stability of an MBI Perovskite Solar Cell Using Poly-TPD as the Hole-Transport Layer

Prabu, Ashwin Grade: 8th
George H. Moody Middle School, Henrico, VA
Project Title: The Effect of Various Amino Acids on the Stem Cell Regeneration in Dugesia dorotocephala

Prakash, Anuradha Grade: 8th
Summit Middle Charter School, Boulder, CO
Project Title: Pee is for Plants

Prasad, Neeti Grade: 8th
Dayton Regional STEM School, Kettering, OH
Project Title: Harvesting Solar Energy and Body Heat Using Thermoelectric Generators

Prawira, Jacqueline Grade: 7th
Altamont Elementary School, Mountain House, CA
Project Title: Rice Plasticity: The Effect of Amylose and Amylopectin in the Formation and Tensile Strength of Rice-based Bioplastic

Pucha, Saitheja Grade: 8th
Henderson Middle School, Atlanta, GA
Project Title: Pathogenic Bacterial Growth Inhibition by Yogurt Metabolites

Putnal, Gavin Grade: 8th
McIntosh Middle School, Sarasota, FL
Project Title: The Best Offense is a Diaper Defense

Raizada, Rewa Grade: 7th
STEM School And Academy, Highlands Ranch, CO
Project Title: Water Conservation Using SMART Technology

Ravichandran, Vineet Grade: 8th
Walkersville Middle School, Walkersville, MD
Project Title: Clustering: A Technique that Helps Us Discover Similarity Among Invisible Viruses to NBA Players and Everything In-Between!!!

Ray, Arjun Grade: 8th
Crestview Middle, Ballwin, MO
Project Title: Heat Induced Changes in Antioxidants in Fresh vs. Canned Corn

Razdan, Naman Grade: 8th
Charles F. Patton Middle School, Kennett Square, PA
Project Title: Gene Expression in Healthy and Aphid-infested Switchgrass, Panicum virgatum

Reddy, Shriya Grade: 8th
Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy, Saginaw, MI
Project Title: DNA Quantification: Effect of Natural Supplements on Lactobacillus acidophilus and Escherichia coli, Human Gut Bacteria

Reilly, Laura Grade: 7th
Saint Matthew Catholic School, San Antonio, TX
Project Title: Effect of Blueberry Extract and UV Light on Regeneration and Wound Healing

Reilly, Lauren Grade: 8th
Saint Rose of Lima School, Chula Vista, CA
Project Title: On Course: A New Device for Backstroke Efficiency

Ribeiro, Nathaniel Grade: 7th
Warrenton Middle School, Warrenton, VA
Project Title: A Beacon in the Night: Bleach-based Emergency Lighting

Roncevic, Jasmine Grade: 8th
Julia Landon College Preparatory and Leadership Development School, Jacksonville, FL
Project Title: Biodegradation of Polystyrene by Tenebrio molitor Larvae

Roy, Supriya Grade: 7th
Homeschool, Rochester, MN
Project Title: Mathematical Modeling of Strategies to Prevent Zika Virus Transmission

Rundle, Ian Grade: 8th
Meadow Park Middle School, Beaverton, OR
Project Title: Ternary Relay Computer

Saldanha, Gregory Grade: 8th
School of the Madeleine, Berkeley, CA
Project Title: Look, No Hands! Building a Driverless Toy Car

Sandhu, Sonia Grade: 7th
Orefield Middle School, Orefield, PA
Project Title: Will Citrate Help to Reduce the Formation of New Kidney Stones?

Sane, Nishant Grade: 8th
Meadow Park Middle School, Beaverton, OR
Project Title: Ternary Relay Computer

Santra, Laboni Grade: 8th
Jackson Heights Middle School, Oviedo, FL
Project Title: Tracking Therapeutics in a Leaf Using a Fluorescent Dye

Sanyal, Anushka Grade: 8th
Cupertino Middle School, Sunnyvale, CA
Project Title: Developing a Tool for Studying Alzheimer’s: A Bacterial Expression Vector for the M3-M4 Fragment of the nAChR Alpha-7

Sargente, Francis Grade: 8th
Assumption Regional Catholic School, Galloway, NJ
Project Title: You are What You Eat: A Study of Feed Efficiency Rates on Neonate Thamnophi sirtalis

Schneider, Bridget Grade: 8th
Chartiers Valley Middle School, Bridgeville, PA
Project Title: Magnetic Eddy Current Lifting Platform

Schoenborn, Johnathan Grade: 7th
Fruit Cove Middle School, Jacksonville, FL
Project Title: From Rubbish to Radishes: Does Compost Produce Increased Plant Growth Over Manufactured Fertilizer?

Seman, Alexander Grade: 7th
Harrisburg Academy, Lemoyne, PA
Project Title: Maximizing Collection of Radiant Energy

Seshadri, Rikhil Grade: 7th
Minnesota Math and Science Academy, Woodbury, MN
Project Title: Low Cost Supercapacitors for Energy Storage

Seshan, Sanjay Grade: 8th
Dorseyville Middle School, Pittsburgh, PA
Project Title: Keeping Our Heads Above Water: Early Detection of Stress in Buried Water Pipes

Sharma, Cameron Grade: 7th
George H. Moody Middle School, Richmond, VA
Project Title: www.FutureFlu.org: A Novel Phylogeny and Antigenicity Based Tool for Designing the Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Sheeran-Hahnel, Aidan Grade: 7th
ACCESS Academy, Portland, OR
Project Title: The Application of the Golden Ratio to Food Proportions and How It Impacts Visual Appeal to Humans

Shi, Emily Grade: 8th
The Cambridge School, San Diego, CA
Project Title: Microscopic Study of Torrey Pine Needles for Moisture Condensation

Shivakumar, Nidhya Grade: 6th
The Harker School, San Jose, CA
Project Title: Halophytes: A Potential Solution for the Remediation of Soil in Saline Wastelands

Shrivastava, Aryansh Grade: 7th
William Hopkins Junior High School, Fremont, CA
Project Title: A Microcontroller Based, Programmable, Elderly Healthcare Activity Monitoring System with Intelligent Data Analytics for Early Emergency Detection and Alerts

Siah, Vicky Grade: 8th
Stoller Middle School, Portland, OR
Project Title: Creating an Effective Water Filter with Ocimum basilicum

Siddiqi, Ammar Grade: 8th
McCullough Junior High School, The Woodlands, TX
Project Title: The Effects of Fertilizer on Daphnia

Sikora, Nabil Grade: 8th
Rice Middle School, Plano, TX
Project Title: Jail Break: Using Game Theory to Study the Emergence of Nash Equilibrium and Cooperation in Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma

Simon, Andrew Grade: 8th
American Heritage School, Plantation, FL
Project Title: Determination of a Correlation Between the Capsaicinoid Concentration of the Fruit of the Genus Capsicum and Organic Growth Conditions

Singh, Aditya Grade: 8th
Valley Ridge Academy Ponte, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Project Title: Developing Distance Based Edge Detection

Slama-Catron, Abigail Grade: 6th
Midvale Middle School, Sandy, UT
Project Title: Rough Air

Snaufer, Eric Grade: 6th
Midvale Middle School, Sandy, UT
Project Title: Rough Air: Bird Scare Device

Somogyi, Ferenc Grade: 8th
Incarnate Word Academy, Parma Heights, OH
Project Title: Building a Heart Pulse Monitor Using IoT and Cloud that Rivals the Capabilities of Traditional Medical Heart Pulse Monitors

Sridhar, Saraswati Grade: 8th
Southwestern Educational Society, Mayaguez, PR
Project Title: Synthesis of Ferric Sulfmyoglobin in vitro: Characterization of Hydrogen Sulfide Activity in Hemeproteins and Its Relationship with Sulfhemoglobinemia Progression and Free Radical Inhibition

Sriram, Aditya Grade: 8th
Novi Middle School, Novi, MI
Project Title: Eliminate Atmospheric Emissions of CO2 from Power Plants

Stan, Sonia Grade: 8th
Roberto Clemente MIddle School, Germantown, MD
Project Title: The Search for Wasted Energy

Steele, Evie Grade: 7th
Hunter College High School, New York, NY
Project Title: The Effect of Treatment on a Cell’s Calcium Release

Stehr, Kaden Grade: 6th
Yamhill Carlton Intermediate School, Yamhill, OR
Project Title: Dirty Water

Su, Sabrina Grade: 8th
Roberto Clemente Middle School, Germantown, MD
Project Title: Alternative Energy: Microbial Fuel Cells

Sury, Esha Grade: 7th
Challenge Middle School, Denver, CO
Project Title: The Simple Approach to a Lifesaving Biosensor

Swamy, Samika Grade: 7th
Challenger School – Sunnyvale, Sunnyvale, CA
Project Title: BioFresh Food Smarts: An Eco-Friendly, Smart Solution to Reduce Wastage of Climacteric Produce

Syed, Faisal Grade: 6th
Schmucker Middle School, Mishawaka, IN
Project Title: The Correlation Between Feeding Antioxidants and Drosophila melanogaster Longevity

Tai, LeAnn Grade: 6th
Orchard Hills Middle School, Irvine, CA
Project Title: Natural Alternatives for Preservation Without Refrigeration

Tan, Junwei Grade: 7th
Gateway Charter Intermediate, Fort Myers, FL
Project Title: Autonomous Search and Rescue

Tandar, Clara Grade: 8th
West High School, Salt Lake City, UT
Project Title: The Effects of Vitamin C on Melanoma

Tandon, Eshika Grade: 6th
Caddo Parish Middle Magnet School, Shreveport, LA
Project Title: Can Anti-Cancer Agents, Turmeric and Simvastatin, Decrease Germination and Protein Content in Seeds?

Tang, Alyssa Grade: 6th
Canyon View Elementary School, Irvine, CA
Project Title: Testing the Effectiveness of Mycofoam as an Eco-Friendly Packing Material

Tangirala, Pujita Grade: 7th
Challenger School – Strawberry Park, San Jose, CA
Project Title: A Green, Low-Cost Adsorbent for the Removal of Dye from Aqueous Solutions

Tanimura, Ellie Grade: 8th
Lake Oswego Junior High School, Lake Oswego, OR
Project Title: How the Amount of Cornstarch Affects the Tensile Strength of the Bioplastic It Produces

Thambidurai, Tharika Grade: 8th
Challenger School – Ardenwood, Newark, CA
Project Title: Self-cleaning Photocatalyst to Reduce Global Pollution

Thirumalai, Amrita Grade: 8th
Saint Bernadette School, Northborough, MA
Project Title: Cymatics

Tobin, Scott Grade: 8th
Creekside Middle School, Port Orange, FL
Project Title: By Using a Solar Powered Tesla Coil Can Water be Made Potable Through Ozonification?

Tomov, Nathalie-Sofia Grade: 8th
Homeschool, Knoxville, TN
Project Title: On with the Wind: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Wind Power

Tuinstra, Corin Grade: 8th
Lafayette Christian School, Lafayette, IN
Project Title: Hydrogen Cyanide Production in Sorghum Influences Fall Army Worm Feeding Preference

Upson, Linus Grade: 6th
Woodside Elementary School, Woodside, CA
Project Title: Material Density and Charged Particle Occurrence in a Cloud Chamber

Uroda, Melanie Grade: 8th
Saint Theresa School, New Cumberland, PA
Project Title: Lighter Can be Mightier

Vaidyanathan, Annika Grade: 7th
Sanford Middle School, Sanford, FL
Project Title: Can We Have Some Quiet Please? The Effects of Shape and Profile on Noise!

Valan, Joel Grade: 7th
Darnell Cookman Middle/High School of the Medical Arts, Jacksonville, FL
Project Title: Preventing Zika: The Effect of the pH of Water on the Growth and Survivabiliy of Mosquito Larvae, Culex pipiens

Valles, Agustin Grade: 8th
Radford School, El Paso, TX
Project Title: High-Energy Biodiesel

Vangal, Pratik Grade: 7th
Stoller Middle School, Portland, OR
Project Title: A Milli-Watt Energy-harvesting Light Bulb Based on Thermoelectric Generation

Vasanth, Keshav Grade: 7th
Otto Middle School, Plano, TX
Project Title: Blinds that See

Venkatraman, Anirudh Grade: 6th
Challenger School – Sunnyvale, Sunnyvale, CA
Project Title: Production of Bioplastics from Vegetable Waste

Venter, Arnold Grade: 8th
Renner Middle School, Plano, TX
Project Title: A Computer for an Eye Makes the Whole World See

Villaverde, Giancarlo Grade: 8th
Episcopal Cathedral School, San Juan, PR
Project Title: The Link Between Sand Characteristics and Leatherback Nesting Behavior in Beaches of Puerto Rico

Virsik, Kathleen Grade: 7th
La Entrada Middle School, Menlo Park, CA
Project Title: Enhanced Heptyl Butyrate Attractants for Western Yellowjackets (Vespula pensylvanica)

Viswanathan, Sanjanaa Grade: 6th
Urbana Middle School, Frederick, MD
Project Title: Ocean Acidification’s Effect on Sea Life

Viswanathan, Sowmyan Grade: 7th
Meyzeek Middle School, Louisville, KY
Project Title: Thermophysical and Mechanical Atrributes of 3D Printed Parts

Viswesh, Annika Grade: 7th
Stratford School- Sunnyvale Raynor Middle School, Sunnyvale, CA
Project Title: Oculus Patch Assistant: A Novel Method to Simplify and Improve the Effectiveness of Amblyopia Treatment by Using a Smart Sensor, a Smartphone Application, and Predictive Machine Learning Algorithms

Wadekar, Adway Grade: 8th
Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School, Westborough, MA
Project Title: The Pursuit of Happiness

Wald, Faris Grade: 8th
Capshaw Middle School, Santa Fe, NM
Project Title: The Correlation Between Solar Coronal Hole Occurrences and the Formation of Tropical and Extra-Tropical Cyclones

Wallace, Ammon Grade: 8th
Salem Junior High School, Salem, UT
Project Title: Prolonging Milk Shelf Life with Blue Light

Warren, Adam Grade: 8th
Saint Joseph School, Mechanicsburg, PA
Project Title: Coast Guard

Weiss, Ian Grade: 7th
Samuel E. Talbert Middle School, Huntington beach, CA
Project Title: Our Roads, a Large Thermoelectric Power Generator

Williams, Regan Grade: 6th
Roland-Grise Middle School, Wilmington, NC
Project Title: Marsh Attacks: Context-dependent Effects of Intraspecific Trait Variation in a Marsh Ecosystem Predator-Prey Interaction

Womble, Brock Grade: 8th
Deerlake Middle School, Tallahassee, FL
Project Title: Fish Friendly Lakes: Conducting Water Quality Tests to Determine the Impact of the Surrounding Environment of Lentic Water Systems on Nonpoint Source Pollution Levels Year 2

Yalamanchili, Laya Grade: 7th
Canyon Vista Middle School, Austin, TX
Project Title: HydroAlert – Flood Warning System

Yang, David Grade: 7th
Commack Middle School, Dix Hills, NY
Project Title: Organic Biofuel Generator

Yang, Emma Grade: 8th
The Brearley School, New York, NY
Project Title: Timeless: A Mobile App for Alzheimer’s Patients Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Yang, Vincent Grade: 7th
Radford School, El Paso, TX
Project Title: Miracle of the Implied Tone

Zerner, Chapin Grade: 8th
Commack Middle School, Commack, NY
Project Title: Scintillating Solar Sunspot Cycles

Zuravel, Kaitlyn Grade: 7th
R. Max Abbott Middle School, Fayetteville, NC
Project Title: Gliders: Which Airfoil Shape and Angle of Incidence Will Produce the Longest Glide Time and Distance?