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What are you Saying about the Society?

As we usher out 2010 and look toward 2011, Society for Science & the Public has much to celebrate. For example we were rated a “great nonprofit” by Great Nonprofits, an organization that calls itself the “Zagat Guide for Nonprofits”. Perhaps more important than this welcome external recognition is the appreciation that SSP has received from people like you, people who have been part of our important work. Here is a sampling:

“The opportunities that I have been given as a direct result of the Society for Science & the Public are countless and immeasurable. On top of being the absolute cornerstone of my resume for everything from pre-collegiate programs, to college applications, to now medical school applications; just mentioning that I participated in the event has opened so many doors for me. As a direct result, I was granted two full-time paid internships by NOAA and offered a $50,000 scholarship to college.” – Society alumnus

“This program has enabled our school (having the highest poverty rate in our state, 91%) to go from having zero students competing in science competitions to Regional Science Fair Small School of the Year.” – Society Teacher Fellow

“This organization does for science what the Olympics do for sport. Actually, even more — because sports in this country already receive lots of attention. It stimulates and provides a platform for academically oriented students to stretch their intellects and contribute to scientific knowledge.” – Parent

“I use Science News in my classroom, not just for the news articles but to teach my students how to write.” – High School Teacher

“Teh Society not only inspires greatness, but encourages and nurtures it.” –  Volunteer Judge

“Today’s high school curriculum is often limited to the tedium of learning material for standardized tests. But many of the programs teh Society offers give students a chance to taste what real science is all about and a chance to be recognized for it.” – Society alumnus

“5.0 out of 5 stars. Excellent content, rendered wonderfully for the Kindle” – Science News subscriber on Kindle

“Through their work, ongoing since the 1940s, they have opened the doors for generations of technical innovators.” – Parent

“I teach at a rural pre-K through 12th school with fewer than 300 students. The Society for Science and the Public Fellowship I received has transformed my classroom. Not only do we now have a student research group that meets after school to work on projects, but we also have a junior high and high school robotics team for the second year. Thank you Society for all you do for students and science!” – Society Teacher Fellow

“Every year I am amazed anew at what a wonderful experience this is for high school students. I love to take students to ISEF for the first time and see their jaws drop when they walk into the exhibit hall!” – Science Fair Director

“[Our son’s] experiences have also inspired both of his younger siblings to become involved in science fairs primarily due to what has been provided with teh Society.” – Parent

Certainly, these reviews serve as inspiration as we at the Society dedicate new efforts to expanding our impact in 2011. This expansion will include the re-launch of Science News for Kids, the introduction of a national science fair to middle schools in the United States, and expanding the Intel ISEF to reach new countries around the world.

We hope that these messages inspire you to join the Society, to share your own thoughts on Great Nonprofits, or to provide a year- end, tax-deductible gift in support of our work to come in 2011. Your support will enable the Society to further our reach to students, teachers, and the science-minded public in the New Year and years to come.

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