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The Future of Education, STEM and Girls

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We bet you probably didn’t know that, according to the Department of Education, by the time young women go to college, only 3% of them will declare a major in engineering.

On Thursday, April 23, SSP President and CEO Maya Ajmera will join Broadcom Foundation’s President and Executive Director, Paula Golden, in Irvine, California to discuss filling in the gaps of STEM education for young women at a “fireside chat” sponsored by the Broadcom Women’s Network.

Maya Ajmera has dedicated her career to social entrepreneurship promoting the advancement of a  broad spectrum of needs for STEM, underprivilieged youth, and overall international development and philanthropy.

Alongside Broadcom Foundation’s Paula Golden, Maya will discuss gender diversity in STEM, her personal experience, and the skills and tools a young woman must develop to become a STEM innovator. They will also examine women’s roles in supporting the next generation of students and encouraging them to embrace STEM professions. 

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