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“SPARK” Inspiration in the Next Generation of Scientists

What sparked your interest in science, technology, engineering, or math as a child? What types of science-based toys or kits do you wish you or your children had access to today?

This is the premise behind the Science Play and Research Kit (SPARK) competition, which challenges participants to reimagine classic science-based kits available to children, like the chemistry sets that were hugely popular in the 1950’s. The goal is to generate a new set of experiences and activities that encourages imagination and interest in science in today’s generation.

To get the conversation started, we’ve created this infographic that includes a timeline of popular science kits available for students since the early 1900’s. Do you have an idea for what the next item on this list should be? Submit your application now to SPARK! Winners can receive up to $50,000 for their ideas or prototypes.

We also encourage you to share this infographic and join the conversation on social media, using #reimaginetheset.

SPARK is sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

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