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Society Launches New Science Education Blog

The Society recently launched Eureka! Lab, a new science education blog for students, parents, and educators. Eureka! Lab is part of “Student Science,” a new part of the Society for Science & the Public’s website that includes information on our educational competitions, resources, and the recently renamed Science News for Students online publication.
Why Eureka!Lab? These days the word “eureka,” widely attributed to the ancient Greek scholar Archimedes, tends to be used to exclaim a big discovery, like E = mc2, a disease cure or a vein of gold on a mountainside. And, for sure, what motivates most scientists is to find something completely new — something that no one else in the world knows. But in fact, the word is based on the Greek verb “evresko” (ευρίσκω), which simply means “to find.” So every time you discover something new — even if it’s only new to you — you’re having a Eureka! moment!

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