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Once again, Society awarded Top Rated Nonprofit status

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At the Society, we strive to work hard and serve a global community of young researchers and science education enthusiasts. Our hard work has been noted, again, by GreatNonprofits, with an award naming us a Top Rated Nonprofit for 2015.

Students, finalists, educators, subscribing members, and volunteers alike wrote glowing reviews, sharing their experiences with our organization.

Here’s what some reviewers had to say:

An alum: I have been privileged to be a member of Team Canada-Intel ISEF for the past two years. Participating in Intel ISEF has been one of the most transformative and influential experiences of my life. I can think of no other event or organization that has had such a profound impact on that number of people and inspired them to enter a career in the STEM fields. Additionally, there is no other event which has the capability to connect such a diverse group of like minded individuals at the high school level.

A fellow: I am a senior Fellow for Society for Science & the Public from Shuqualak, Mississippi. I have 75 students who have benefited from this amazing outreach program.

One of my students is a first generation high school student headed to college. First in her family! Thanks to the Society Grant, I have 20 students from single parent households who are doing meaningful research. None of these students would have received the recognition and achievement without Society for Science and the Public’s Outreach efforts. The funding that they have provided has produced exponentially.

A reader and educator:The Science News for Students website is my go-to resource for disciplinary literacy. Thanks to donor support they are able to provide a free resource for students and educators.

The writing is engaging, and I find the articles especially helpful for teaching students to see cause and effect relationships, identify literary devices in informational text, and to compare and contrast findings. The website allows teachers and students to search by topic and the cool science jobs section is a great way to help students see the connections between the classroom and their future.

A volunteer: I was a volunteer at ISEF for four years and hope to return! The organization goes above and beyond to make sure that the kids have a great time and enjoy the returns of all their hard work. If you could see behind the scenes how hard these people work to make sure that everyone has a good time, you’d be surprised.

A parent: As an educator and parent of an Intel ISEF alumnus I can’t begin to say enough about the opportunities that Society for Science & the Public provides for students. The interaction that goes on between young people from all over the world combined with the support they receive from some of the best scientists and business people from across the globe is unparalleled. To let kids know that it is okay to be smart and excel is so important in today’s world! Perhaps by encouraging students from all over our world to get to know one another (as the Society does) we will begin to alleviate some of the hatred and misunderstanding that is perpetuated by ignorance.

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