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Intel ISEF Advice

By Amy Chyao, Intel ISEF 2010 Gordon E. Moore Winner

Intel ISEF is coming up in a few days, and a lot of my friends are looking forward to this Saturday’s trip to LA! Last year around this time, I was one of the lucky finalists going on to the San Jose trip. I told my friends that you just have to go and have fun! It is not just a competition. We won medals as well as made friends. We brought back both knowledge and excitement. Whenever I Iook at all the pins I collected during the pin exchange, I think of all of the fun I had.

I want to wish all of the Intel ISEF finalists the best of luck! You will learn that there is nothing to be nervous about. You will meet knowledgeable judges and have a chance to improve your project. You will meet other science kids who share the same hobby and interests. I found out that there are many students just like me out there – participating in annual science fairs, playing a musical instrument, doing a hundred other extracurriculars at the same time… Intel ISEF is fun, it is intense, and it is life changing.  

Intel ISEF has been a life changing experience for me. I found out that I really liked science, and decided to pursue a science career. I am thankful to both SSP and Intel for providing this amazing opportunity to all of us. From my own experience, I know that it has a positive impact on many people. I teach many young kids in my Spell Success study group, some who have just started school, and many already want to do science projects and go to Intel ISEF.  

Best of wishes to all the finalists, and let’s change the world, as Bill Nye likes to say.