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Give to Science Day 2014

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SSP celebrates Give to Science Day each year to secure support for our mission: to promote the understanding and appreciation of science and the vital role it plays in human advancement. In the past three years, nearly 450 individual donors have helped us raise more than $18,000 during this 24-hour online fundraising effort.

This year, Give to Science Day will be Sunday, November 9. We need your help more than ever and are setting our sights higher, with a goal of increasing donations by 11.09% for a total of more than 166 donors and $6,665.

We rely on your support to deliver award winning journalism through our Science News family of publications and to continue to build the impact of our renowned competitions and educational programs.

In addition to donations, we’re compiling photographs of how members of our community give back to science – whether that’s by teaching, doing research, performing experiments, inventing new things, participating in or supporting science fairs, mentoring young scientists, or even just looking at the world with a scientific gaze.

You can get involved by donating to our Give to Science Day fundraising effort, submitting photos of your own to, or posting on social media using the Twitter hashtag #Give2Science.

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