A headshot of Naomi Shah beside a headshot of Lester Mackey.
Amanda Martinez poses in a black outfit.
Six issues of Science News through history.
Linus Tang, Ella Pilacek and other finalists look out from the roof of the MLK Jr. Memorial Library.
Selina Zhang, inventor of an artificial tree which kills invasive spotted lanternflies, poses on a ski slope.
A collage of finalists swimming, gardening, making music and skiing.
Two girls girls in red shirts smile while working on an engineering project.
Several finalists speak with a Society for Science alum during the 2023 Regeneron Science Talent Search alumni dinner.
A grid of four images showing someone taking notes in a notebook, a canoe in the water, a woodworking tool and a blank crossword puzzle.
Image contains headshots of all four invention education ambassadors.
Meredith stands with her project poster at a science fair
The book cover for Writing For Their Lives is next to a headshot of Marcel Chotkowski LaFollette framed by blue borders.