ISEF 2022 sponsors
Two photos, side by side. Chris Mucha smiling in front of a green background (left) and Chris standing in front of his project board as an ISEF finalist in 1995
ISEF finalists from New Mexico posed in front of an ISEF banner
Elizabeth Bieri smiling and holding a lizard
Three Regeneron Science Talent Search finalists, wearing masks, sit at a table facing a speaker (out of frame) during STS finals week
Vivien He sits with four Qube devices on a table in front of her
A sign at a protest that reads, "Say Their Names"
A sunset over water with a lone tree towards the right of frame
Edna Santizo references a sheet of paper, while wearing a headset and translating in the booth at ISEF
A classroom bulletin board with a heading reading, "Knowledge is Power," with Science News articles posted below
Sheila Porter stands with arms crossed, smiling