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Agilent Technologies Continues to Support Future Scientists

Agilent Technologies has been a long-time sponsor of the Intel ISEF, giving time, money, and opportunities to promising Intel ISEF Finalists and their teachers.

This year Agilent Technologies provided $25,000 awards to two students whose research exemplified “the work that Agilent does in close collaboration with engineers, scientists, and researchers around the globe to meet the communications, electronics, life sciences, and chemical analysis challenges of today and tomorrow.” Akshay Nathan, 17, of San Jose, California and Jun Nishida, 18, of Nara, Japan received this generous award for their projects, “A Super-Encryption Standard for Large Data Using Elementary Chaotic Cellular Automata” and “Development of a Low-cost EMG-based Human Interface Device and Associated Applications,” respectively.

In addition to the Special Awards, Agilent also honored three teachers of Finalists with $5,000 each through the Agilent Teacher Award, offered Summer Internships to select Finalists, and sponsored regional fairs in China and Japan.

Terry Lincoln, Global Signature Programs Manager with Agilent, told us that they “consider exciting students about science to be a long term investment in the future of their company and the world.” She also emphasized how much they benefit from having students of the caliber of Intel ISEF Finalists as summer interns.

Additionally, many of Agilent’s employees volunteer to be Grand Award Judges. Terry said their involvement with Intel ISEF provides a great opportunity to engage their employees in something the company is very passionate about: “supporting and inspiring the next generation of scientists.”

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