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“I wholeheartedly love what the Society for Science does for the world and for the future of our youth. Supporting this organization is ultimately one of the most meaningful aspects of giving for myself and my family. I couldn’t be more proud of the work that they do, and for the visions of my forefather Edward William Scripps and his great colleague and friend, William Emerson Ritter.

“I thoroughly believe the work they do not only enhances our culture but insures our growth and survival as a civilization. By supporting the youth and leaders of our future, this incredibly meaningful company of thought-bearers and truth-seekers pursue the best for our communities and species/society as a whole.”

Eli Scripps
Donor and descendent of E.W. Scripps, Co-Founder of Science Service, now Society for Science



$250,000 and Above

Christine and Daryl Burton

Cathy Caris

Tom and Bonnie Leighton

Charles K. McCabe



Jon Charles Graff

Thomas and Frances Knight

Eli and Jackie Scripps

Anonymous (2)


Walter and Celia Gilbert

David and Laurie Hodgson

Alexander Lane

Henry and Susan Samueli

Thomas and Eileen Washburn

Susie and Gideon Yu



Cheryl Agris and Richard I. Pine

Maya Ajmera and David Hollander

John and Elizabeth Armstrong

Hayley Bay Barna

Adam Bly and Ayah Bdeir

Christopher and Katie Bouton

Terry and Anne Clark

Mary Sue Coleman

Michael and Katherine Colsher

Phyllis B. Dempsey

S. P. Gill

Allen and Shirley Ginzburg

Judy and Ted Hoff

Peggy Lentz

Nancy J. Peltzer

Thomas Rosenbaum and Katherine Faber

Yufen Shi and Feng Zhang

Robert H. Sievers

Virginia Steel

Edward O. Thorp

Afton K. Vechery

George Yancopoulos

Anonymous (2)



William J. Bencze

Erica W. Brand

G. Vincent Castellano

Lance R. Collins

Martha I. Davila

Erick O. Erickson and Bernadette Malinoski

Helen Fuller

Margaret R. Hart

Catherine A. Havasi

Kevin and Lisa Heller

James T. Kirk

Daniel R. Marshak

Craig and Benetta Miller

Ardean Moore Lehnus

David J. S. Nicholson

Wayne Pfeiffer

Beth and Russ Siegelman

Mary Stroh-Twichell and Charles Twichell

Sheel Tyle

Gayle and Pete Wilson

Bennet Yee

Rudolf H. Ziesenhenne

Anonymous (2)



Rob C. Chang

Edward Cheng

Gordon and Heather Crabtree

Gordon J. Freeman and Arlene H. Sharpe

David P. Halstead

Carl Hoffman

Caryla J. Larsen

Victoria Leslie


Michael Li

George P. Markin

Colin and Leslie Masson

Brent and Deborah McCown

W. E. and Sharon Moerner

Dianne Newman and Jonas Peters

Nackey and Robert Scagliotti

Robert and Anne Shaw

William Smith

David N. Spergel

Jason P. Talley

William K. Warburton

Frank and Elizabeth Wilczek

Anonymous (3)



Nick Adelmeyer

William and Barbara Ailor

Ramesh C. Ajmera

Paul A. Albert

William Albrecht

Rachel and Elijah Alper

Glenn E. Anders

Frances Arnold

James E. Atkinson

Frank Baldesarra

Holly Bartlett

Reinier and Nancy Beeuwkes

Harold G. Behl

Archie W. Berry Jr.

C. John Blankley

Stefan M. Block and Liese Mayer

Jeff Bluma

Stephen J. Blumenkranz

Richard and Babette Burns

William Calvin

Mark Caprio

Douglas L. Carroll

Karen G. Castle and John J. Mahoney

Peter Castro

Vidya Ravichandran

Martin Chalfie and Tulle Hazelrigg

Desikan T. Chari

James and Jane Cooper

Robert C. Cowen

Starrett and Nancy Dalton

Bidyut and Tanima Das

Jefferson Davis

Mariette DiChristina

V. Alton Dohner

Bill Donovan

Steve Dow

Virginia Downes

Sara M. Driver and Jim Jarmusch

Carl Duisberg

James and Anita Dulak

Dale and Jane Embry

Paul and Maureen Fairbrother

John Fay

Maribeth Fletcher

Bert and Candace Forbes

Carolyn Foss

Lawrence C. Fritz and Stephanie R. Kogan

Jonathan Fuller

Shayne C. Gad

G. Patrick Galvin

Robert M. Goeken

D. E. Good

Herbert Gowen

Anne V. Gravely

Daniel Greenwald III

William and Julie Griggs

Robert and Elke Hagge

Ben Hammett

Jon and Belva Hauxwell

June R. Heintz

Tessa M. Hill

Donald R. Holtaway

Wanda and Jason Horwege

George Hrycelak

Qian Huang

Margaret L. Hudson

Robert Hurtubise

Robert H. Janes

Mari N. Jensen

Diana E. Johnson

David A. Johnson

Kris and Shelly Kafka

Mary and Gerald Kamprath

Paul and Cheryl Katen

Francis and Margaret Keeler

Terry F. Kelly

Justin Kleingartner

Jeff and Gail Kodosky

Ralph E. Koldinger

Dean M. Kopesky

Lawrence and Elizabeth Kuo

Jeanette P. Larson

Steven Latshaw

Ivana Lee

William Leininger

Von O. Leirer

Alan and Agnes Leshner

Catherine Y. Li

Geoffrey and Yuen Lind

Marshal W. Linder

Thomas F. Luken

Junella and John Macrae

Tyler X. Mahy

Bruce Makous

David L. March

Francis and Karen Mathew

Linda and Rick Maxson

Laura McCaskill

Ann H. McDonald

Ralph J. McLain

Michael R. Meadows

Gerrit Meddeler

Howard Miller

Annie Murray and Gustavo de los Reyes

Divya Nag

Helen Natt

Eric Olson

Ray Olszewski

Joe Palca and Kathy Hudson

Darcy M. Palmer

Kevin W. Parker

Willard and Sherrie Pastron

Patricia A. Paul

Douglas T. Plante

James A. Racin

Roland T. Ramsay

Sandra W. Reinecke

Joseph J. Reuter

Robert Reynolds and Lisle Nabell

Pat and Elizabeth Richardson

Patrick Richardson

George and Kay Richmond

Patricia K. Robertson

Billie and Sherilyn Robison

Kristin Rodger

George W. Rodormer

Blandina A. Rojek

Charles E. Ruthford

April and Mark Sapsford

Karen Schaffer and Michael Ward

Joel and Janine Shaw

William and Ruth Shelley

Lee A. Shombert

Monisha Shukla

Robert and Julie Sigler

Gustavus J. Simmons

Diana Simoni

Donald Smith and Galia Rabinkin

Priscilla Spears

Mike Speciner

Kurt and Susan Sroka

Keith E. Stanley

Lewis A. Suber Jr.

Carol Swarts

Jane Tang

Rocky Tatiefo

John W. Thomas

James and Eileen Thomas

Trudie E. Thompson

John M. Trzeciak

Jane Turner

Pete and Gina Van Opens

Nina Vasan

Jacqueline Vernot

Jon R. Visser

Richard Wakefield

Robert B. Walker

Paul J. Weissman

Robert J. Williams

Richard O. Williams

Mary Williams-Norton and Gregory Norton

Ken Witherly

Chia-Yun Yang

Jeff Yee

Kwok To Yue

Wei-Jing Zhu

Jeffrey and Johanna Zinn

Anonymous (7)



Allan Abrahamse

Lucy Adams

Terrence Adamski and Sheryl Ann Jackson

Susan W. Almy

Marie A. Aloia

George Andrews

Erika and Colin Angle

Robert F. Ashman

Teresa Audesirk

John and Marie Sharon Baldwin

Marian and Richard Baldy

Rene S. Bane

Andrew and Linda Banta

Richard and Linda Barnes

M. Chris Barnhart

Robert J. Barnhart

Robert L. Baron

Brian Bartholmai

Travis Bartholomew

Daniel Baseman

John R. Beeler

Peter Bell

Carl S. and Ruth Benson

Jay Benziger

Richard A. Bernstein

Valerie Block

Teodoro Bordador

Paul Bouis

Liz Bowman

Gregory Breen

Joe Bridger

Philip A. Bryan

Diana D. Bryant

John and Sara Burks

Charles R. Burnett

Kim A. Caldwell

Dennis Carey

Nina Carlow

Katherine Carmichael

Ronald M. Carn

Carol Carpenter

William and Ian Cash

Park Chamberlain

Mark Chatinsky

Renee Chauvin

Norman K. Christie

Weihaw H. Chuang

Martha Clatterbaugh and Michael Moody

Thomas and Deborah Claytor

William Clendenen

David and Linda Coe

Adam E. Cohen and Jennifer H. Hou

Shelley J. Coldiron

Cathy Colloff

Carol Combs

Gary Cortright

Carl Cousineau

Kurt P. Cramer

Luther Creed

Ronald Curtis

Glenn W. Cushman

Judith and Murray Danforth

Erik and Beverly DeBenedictis

Dennis Deloria

Sonce A. Devries and Geoffrey L. Upson

Joan Dewitt

Dana and Elaine Ditmore

Allison F. Dolan

Julia Dominian

George F. Drake

Brian Earle

J.T. Eller

Charles Engbers

John Engel

Darrell E. Ernst Sr.

Richard E. Falvo

D. M. Farrell

Andrew E. Fears

Robert W. Fiefarek

James and Barbara Fillmore

Dean Fortune

Barbara Friedman

Roy Fritch

Deborah and Patrick Galaska

Ron and Nancy Garret

Peter and Marjorie Gaudio

Gary and Bonnie Gershzohn

Heidi Gerster Kikawada

William and Lorna Glaunsinger

Michele Glidden

Richard P. Glinka

David Golub

Eva Goode

Kathryn Grabau-Davis

Larry Graham

Elizabeth and Thomas Gratzek

Michael A. Grayson

David Griesinger

James P. Grover

Christopher Haig

Dennis C. Haley

Justin W. Hall

Michael and Jo Ann Hamm

Stella Hammond

James Hanko

Gordon Hanson

Dudley and Georgene Herschbach

Michael R. Herzog

Vincent Hietala

Nancy and Lynn Higbee

James A. Hilton

John M. Hirschi

Hugh Hixon

Leo C. Hodlofski

Charles D. Hoffman

Edson and Mary Holland

H. C. Holloway

David Holman

Jean and Chuck Holzer

Lance Hoots

David Horn

H. Robert Horvitz and Martha Constantine Paton

Jeff Hosler

Paul A. Hossler

Eugenia and Donald Howard

Karen Howat

Sharon L. Howell

David Humphrey

Judith M. Hunderfund

Robert W. Hungate

Robert Irion

Pamela J. Irvine

Dallas and Karen Ives

Sonja Jaffee

Thomas and Sandra Jemison

Richard A. Jenkins and Carolyn E. Schoenert

Martin and P. Jischke

Mark Jones

Julia Kalmus

Lynn and Wayne Kamitaki

Joan M. Kammerer

Cynthia K. Karr

Hans P. Keithley

Margaret Kennedy

Carole Kitti

William Klein

Scott Duke Kominers

James Kotas

Kenneth Koutz

Scott and Tracy Kozak

Frank R. Kramer

Terrence Kramer and Lisbeth Loughran

Kirsten E. Krauss

Barry F. Kroeger

Richard Larson

J.E. and Pat L. Lathrop

Jose R. Latimer

Frank Lawlor

Adam Lawthers

Su-Kin Lee

Frank G. Lemoine

Peter L. Levine

Martin S. Levy

Thomas and Linda Ligon

Peter Limburg

Kristopher Lipari

George and Roseann Lorefice

Thomas Lotti

Kate E. Lowry

Fred Luckau

Matt and Sharon Madison

Julie I. Magilen

Ronald and Amanda Mallory

Karen Mappin

Kreg A. Martin

David Massengill

Thomas G. McBride

Gerald McCormick

Candice McCouch

Graham McIntosh

Jennifer McLean

Lee Mei

Jon Cloudfield Merkle

Sally G. Merrill

Clifford L. Merz

Marianne Meyer

Gregory Miller

Virginia Miller

Paul Modrich and Vickers Burdett

David L. Morris

Sherie and Donald Morrison

Duane and Margaret Morse

Donald Morton

Susan E. Morton

Stewart Moses

Robert L. Murphy

David Murray

Stephen J. Nelson

Lee B. Neuman

Frank A. Nicolai

John Nightingale and Linda Drey-Nightingale

Robert O’Dell

David C. O’Donnell

Jonathan and Jessie Panek

Jerald Parker

Les W. Partridge

Adrienne Patton

Richard C. Paull

John Pehrson

Gregory Pepin

Rick Perfect

Erik G. Peterson Jr.

Creig O. Peterson

Ileen Peterson

Gerald Pocock

James J. Prete

John Purdon

Lyle H. Ramshaw

Sundar Ranganathan

Willie T. Reaves Jr.

Deana Rhodeskhalil

Nancy Robblee

Roland Roberts

Sue Robinson

Donna M. Rodel and B. J. Waibel

M. Elizabeth Rogers

Jack and Colleen Romanowicz

Robert R. Rosé

Leonard Rosi

Vincent Rothemich

Joan Rudel

Henry Rumbold

Patricia R. Russell

Milton H. Russell

Lisa Russell-Mina and Sami S. Mina

Barry and Linda Sachs

Sholom Sanders

Loretta Schaeffer

Mary Schroeder

Roberta Scull

Ted Sears

Robert D. See

M. A. Seelye

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

Margaret Sheeran and Thomas Manteuffel

Mike Shucha

Sherri Smith

Randall L. Spitze

Edgar and Dora Stahl

John Stancik

Stephen Stanley

Eric Steel

Phillips Stevens

Mary Ann and Frederick Steward

Russell Stowe

Lon Stowell

Eugene Sullivan

Diane Takeuchi

Philip Tate

Satish and Vandana Thatte

Jeremy Thorner and Carol Mimura

Curtis B. Timmerman

Michael Tomayko

Leonard Tramiel

J. R. Trevas

Roy Van Orman

L. Van Winkle Jr.

Stephen Vasso

Mayco Villafana and Tamara Klingler

Howard Voorheis

Janet and Charles Vukotich

Pat Ward

Sue and Douglas Wartzok

Michael Weber-Grabau

Dale Wendel

Eric Werme

Mark Westen

Gregory S. Whitt

Charles R. Wilkers

Vivien Wilson

John J. Wilt

Vernon Wolf

Luis F. Woodhouse and Patricia Velasco

Jim and Linda Wooldridge

Ruth and Charles Yeiser

Allen M. Young

Patricia L. Zalo

James W. Zerwick

Maryann Ziemba

Karen Zito

Anonymous (18)


Preston Andrews

Kendall Atkinson

James E. Atkinson

William K. Babb

Joseph Bauer

Peter Bell

Jeff Blyth

Tim Bohrer

Wenche S. Borgnakke

Michael Boucher

Denis R. Bourdeau

Martin J. Broeske

Robert and Cathy Brookshire

Sandra Carlson

Harry Carpenter

Anna Cavinato

Susan Chen

Bill Chown

Mark Cohen

Stephanie and Tom Conroy

Kenneth J. Cooper

Dianne K. Curtiss

Michael J. Davis

Vincent M. DeHart

Carol Edwards

Allan Forsyth

Peter Fort

Robert Foster

Anthony Frank

Jim Fritz

Deborah and Patrick Galaska

Andrew Glick

Richard P. Glinka

Bruce J. Gluckman

Jeremy Goforth

Robert L. Grossman

Donald Gunther

Jim Hager

Christa Hammack

Patricia Hanley and Robert Morris

William K. Hart

Laurie J. Henrikson

Viviana Huwald

Jose Ivey

David R. Jefferson

William A. Juraschek

Kris and Shelly Kafka

Gayle H. Kansagor

Pema Kelley

Paul and Mary Kohlmiller

Robert Lieb

Howard F. Little

Susan Love

William H. MacAllister III

Bruce Makous

James M. Marsh

Mark A. Matthews

Michael S. Matthews

Patrick McNeill

Bruce B. Merchant

William J. Morris

Peter Moskowitz

Amrinder Nain

Lynn Hankinson Nelson

Christopher Nitkin

Gretchen Niver

Carl Nuermberger Jr.

Mary A. Ogleton

Eric Olson

Robert Owen

John Palka

Kevin W. Parker

Douglas T. Plante

Harvey Price

Chris Pryor

Joshua Rai

Willie T. Reaves Jr.

David Rice

Robert Ritchey

William Ritchie

Mark Rothstein

Peter and Christine Schrauth

Karen Shaver

Brandon Sherwood

David I. Silverman

Thomas Slone

Donald Small

Rachael Solem

Harvey Somers

Rebecca States

Mary K. Sussex

David M. Tate

William C. Thompson

James Treat

David E. Turriff

Connie M. Vicuna

Sunni Voss

Morgan P. Wallace Jr.

Kimberly Wallbank

Sheila Weahkee

Deborah Wilfong

Sally and Ronald Yates

Clyde Zaidins

James W. Zerwick

Richard J. Zitto

Anonymous (4)


Planned Gifts

Marie Aloia

John C. Graff*

Dorothy and Michael Green

David R. Jefferson

Shawnee L. Kizzire*

Alexander Lane

Stephanie A. Pace Marshall

Patrice Morrow

Gretchen Niver and Stephen Goldman

Andrew E. Rohr*

E. W. Scripps*

Robert and Anne Shaw

Donna Siemro

Susan M. Staugaitis*

Val Valek

Thomas and Eileen Washburn

Anonymous (2)

Endowed Gifts

Jon C. Graff*, PhD Fund for Science News

F. Thomson Leighton Endowment Fund



Society for Science is honored to have received contributions in tribute to the following individuals.

Nina Carlow, In Memory of Edith Barry
Cathy Colloff, In Memory of Lauren Colloff
Von O. Leirer, In Memory of Gordon Bower
David Murray, In Memory of Larry Gallup
Les W. Partridge, In Memory of Leslie W. and Lois G. Partridge
Patricia R. Russell, In Memory of Homer T. Russell
M. A. Seelye, In Memory of Walter Seelye
Frank and Elizabeth Wilczek, In Memory of Sidney R. Coleman

H. Robert Horvitz and Martha Constantine Paton, In Honor of Maya K. Ajmera
Peter L. Levine, In Honor of Joshua Levine
Laura McCaskill, In Honor of Laura McCaskill
Vivien Wilson, In Honor of Lugh Wilson





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Johnson & Johnson

King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity

The Lemelson Foundation

National Geographic Society

Richard F. Caris Charitable Gift Trust II

Siegel Family Endowment

TBL Foundation

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Wolfram Research, Inc.



The Ahmanson Foundation

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Beal Bank

Central Intelligence Agency

The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fund for Strategic Innovation

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation


The Kavli Foundation

Lyda Hill Philanthropies

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Amgen Foundation

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