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SSP Staff

SSP operates from its original historic home in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC. SSP operations are supported by a staff of about 60 people and the organization has an annual operating budget of about $20 million. It benefits from the leadership of an outstanding volunteer Board of Trustees.

To contact a staff member at Society for Science & the Public or Science News, use the first initial of the first name and the last name @societyforscience.org. For example, jdoe@societyforscience.org.

Society for Science & the Public Staff:

Executive Office

Rick Bates | Interim CEO, Chief Advancement Officer
Gregory L. Mitchell | Chief Financial Officer
Mike Mills | Chief Content Officer
Amy Mendez | Executive Assistant

Accounting and Human Resources

Lisa Proctor | Manager - Accounting
Sivakami Kumaran | Senior Accountant

Events Management:

Cait Goldberg | Director - Events
Marisa Gaggi | Associate Specialist - Events

External Affairs:

Sarah Wood | Senior Manager - Communications
Nancy Moulding | Senior Specialist - Visual Information and External Affairs
Patrick Thornton | Senior Specialist - Social Media
Melissa Pewett | Specialist - Sponsorship
Carolyn Carson | Associate- Development
Kerwin Wilson | Associate - Advertising and Circulation

Internal Operations Staff:

Harry Rothmann | Director - Internal Operations
Angela Kim | Manager - Information Technology Projects
James C. Moore | Manager - Network Administrator
Anthony Payne | Manager - Operations
Alan Gordon | Manager – Data Operations
Craig Bozman | Lead Specialist - Drupal Development
Ilya Makeda | Lead Specialist - Web and Database Developer
Paul Roger | Lead Specialist - Facilities
Greg Sprouse | Specialist - Information Technology
Evora Swoopes | Receptionist and Permissions Technician
Randy Williams | Mail Room Technician

Science Education Programs:

Michele Glidden | Director - Science Education Programs
Allison Hewlett Stifel  | Manager - Broadcom MASTERS
Sharon Snyder | Manager - International Fairs and Volunteer Recruitment
Caitlin Sullivan | Manager - Intel Science Talent Search
Laurie Demsey | Senior Specialist - Domestic Fairs
Victor Hall | Senior Specialist - Outreach
Laura Buitrago | Specialist - Student Science
Jinny Farrell | Specialist - International Fairs
June Kee | Specialist - Award and Education Program Administration
Diane Rashid | Specialist - Volunteer and Special Awards
Sarah Conner | Associate Specialist - Science Education Programs

Science News Staff:

Eva Emerson | Editor in Chief
Matthew Crenson | Managing Editor
Beth Rakouskas | Design Director
Janet Raloff | Senior Editor - Science News for Kids
Erika Engelhaupt | Deputy Managing Editor - Departments
Lila Guterman | Deputy Managing Editor - News
Kate Travis | Deputy Managing Editor - Digital
Marcy Atarod | Assistant Art Director
Stephen Egts | Assistant Art Director
Erin Otwell | Assistant Art Director
Erin Wayman | Production Editor
Ashley Yeager | Web Producer
Allison Bohac | Assistant Editor
Christopher Crockett | Writer - Astronomy
Bruce Bower
| Writer - Behavioral Sciences
Rachel Ehrenberg | Writer - Interdisciplinary Sciences
Nathan Seppa | Writer - Biomedicine
Beth Mole | Writer - Chemistry and Environment
Rachel Ehrenberg | Writer - Interdisciplinary Sciences
Susan Milius | Writer - Life Sciences
Tina Hesman Saey | Writer - Molecular Biology
Laura Sanders | Writer - Neuroscience
Andrew Grant | Writer - Physics
Bethany Brookshire
| Writer - Science Education
Meghan Rosen | Staff Writer
Bryan Bello | Editorial Assistant
Brett Goldhammer | Front-end Developer