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March 2014 Society Enewsletter

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March 2014

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Intel STS 2014 top three winners (left to right): William Kuszmaul, Kevin Lee, and Eric Chen. Credit: Patrick Thornton/SSP

Intel Science Talent Search

Intel STS Top Winners Announced

Eric S. Chen, 17, of San Diego, CA won the top award of $100,000 at the Intel Science Talent Search 2014 for his research of potential new drugs to treat influenza.

Second place and $75,000 went to Kevin Lee, 17, of Irvine, CA who developed a mathematical model to describe the shape of the heart as it beats using the principles of fluid mechanics.

Third place and $50,000 went to William Henry Kuszmaul, 17, of Lexington, MA, who developed a new approach to the mathematics of modular enumeration. Read More


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Intel ISEF

Volunteer for Intel ISEF 2014

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair would not be possible without volunteers like you!

We need more than 1,000 judges, 500 general volunteers, and 200 interpreters in multiple languages in order to make this event successful. This year’s event will be held in Los Angeles, CA. Volunteer opportunities will begin as early as Thursday, May 8 and the need will vary by day through Friday, May 16. Read More

When people first fall for each other, they can experience intense feelings and want to spend all of their time together. Credit: simazoran/iStockphoto

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Student Science

Eureka!Lab Explores Citizen Science

Bethany Brookshire, our Eureka!Lab blogger, discusses opportunities for citizen science she discovered at the recent American Association for the Advancement of Science conference including Zooniverse, Eyewire, Snapshot Serengeti, and Moon Zoo. Citizen science is a great way for young people and science enthusiasts to contribute to scientific research. Read More

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