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July 2011

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Inside job

Inside job: Teams of microbes pull strings in the human body
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Samantha Marie Marquez
Samantha Marie Marquez won the Intel ISEF 2011 People's Choice Awards. View the complete results.
SSP Fellow Kathleen Dwyer
SSP Fellow Kathleen Dwyer received the 2011 Monsanto Science Teacher Award.

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Science News Prime
Launches on iPad

Science News, a publication of Society for Science & the Public, recently launched a new publication for the iPad: Science News Prime.

Science News Prime, like Science News, will offer readers concise, current, and comprehensive coverage of news from across the spectrum of scientific disciplines in a richly illustrated full-color format. Each week's issue will include new discoveries and developments in various fields, along with a feature article exploring the frontiers of research and important issues on science and technology. Science News Prime will also include select content not available elsewhere, including rotating columns, the personal side of science, extended book reviews, and short items on weird and wonderful creatures.

SSP Fellow Connie Wyrick's students
SSP Fellow Connie Wyrick's students demonstrate the use of a vacuum chamber to elementary school students

SSP Fellow Connie Wyrick Creates a Ripple Effect

Wrapping up her second year as an SSP Fellow, Connie Wyrick, along with her students at Miller County R-III High School in Tuscumbia, Missouri, has a lot to show for her dedication. Many of her students have won awards. But her high school students are not just succeeding in science, they are sharing their passion with elementary school children in neighboring schools through science units on topics including chemistry, weather, and ecology. Read More

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Ryan Harrison
Ryan Harrison (Intel STS 2005) in his lab

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Most of the little brown bats in this photo are dead from white-nose syndrome. This Lackawanna County, Pa., mine is one of many sites in the United States and Canada contaminated with the disease.
Credit: Gregory Turner, Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Science News for Kids explains...

An enemy in the cave

By Stephen Ornes

Scientists who study bats have unwittingly become detectives on the trail of a troubling mystery.

It began during the winter of 2006. A visitor exploring a cave near Albany, New York, photographed hibernating bats. He noted they looked odd, because their noses were covered in strange, white fuzz — a lot like the fuzz on a moldy peach. Read More

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