Welcome Caltech to the
International Science and Engineering Fair

The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) is the world’s premier pre-collegiate STEM competition and talent pipeline. Each year, 1,800 finalists compete in 21 judging categories for $5 million in awards.

Approximately 1,700 judges, interpreters and general volunteers are needed for Regeneron ISEF to be successful. We are thrilled to have interest from Caltech to support this effort. We hope you will join us during this inspiring week!

Regeneron ISEF Background

Regeneron ISEF is the world’s largest international pre-college science research competition. The competition identifies and fosters the best and brightest minds through our 425 affiliated science fairs in more than 80 countries, regions and territories globally. Tens of millions of students compete in science fairs every year around the globe at local, regional and national levels, with hundreds of thousands then rising to compete in the Society’s affiliated fairs.

This past May, we had the largest competition ever – 1,842 finalists with half of them girls – competing for more than $5 million in awards. More than one quarter of the finalists either have a patent on their research or have a patent pending or in application. These students – tomorrow’s leading scientists, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs – strive to discover answers and develop new solutions to humanity’s greatest problems.

Since its launch in 1950, ISEF has provided more than $100 million in awards to competing student finalists. If you have further questions about these opportunities, please email Sharon Snyder at ssnyder@societyforscience.org.