Resources for Conducting Research in 2021-2022

As students complete projects this year, the pandemic has caused many adjustments that may affect the projects that you conduct and where you are able to do your research. The following resources are provided by the Regeneron ISEF Scientific Review Committee, Society staff and the Regeneron ISEF Judging Advisory Committee to help guide safe research practices and to provide information about the materials that students will need to create to present their projects at Regeneron ISEF 2022 that will be held as a hybrid event this coming May.

We encourage you to explore these resources and to also be sure that you have fully reviewed the 2022 International Rules & Guidelines to complete the appropriate documentation for your project and to obtain any necessary pre-approvals prior to beginning research.

Guidance for Research Practices

Research Plan Templates

Special Considerations for Forms in 2021-2022

Regulated Research Institutional Setting Form 1C (if applicable)

In 2021-2022, when many Regulated Research Institution laboratories and facilities are closed to student researchers, the ISEF SRC has suggested that a Form 1C be used when support from mentors and those in a laboratory setting has been provided, even when the student received this support remotely.  This can also include situations in which a high school teacher is supporting laboratory activities on behalf of a remote student to help clarify the student’s involvement in each step of the project.

Continuation Form 7 (if applicable)

Any project that is a continuation of a previous year’s work must document that additional research is new and different on Continuation Form 7.  Note that projects that were conducted between January 2021 and March 2021 that competed at an ISEF-affiliate fair, may not be presented in 2022 without meeting the continuation criteria.

Presentation Materials for Regeneron ISEF 2021

In anticipation of participation in the Regeneron ISEF 2021 that will be held virtually, we have produced the following guidelines on the project presentation materials that will be required for Regeneron ISEF finalists.  Templates and examples are provided and additional materials will be added as they are created.