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Institutional Subscriptions

Discounted institutional subscriptions to Science News are available to four-year colleges, universities, graduate and post-graduate research institutions, government, hospitals, research centers and corporations.

Print Subscriptions

Institutions may receive Science News directly by contacting:

     Science News

     PO Box 1205

     Williamsport, PA 17703-1205

     Phone: 800-552-4412


Or through one of the following authorized subscription agents:

     Ebsco Subscription Services

     WT Cox Subscription Agency

     China National Publications       

     Basch Subscriptions

     Otto Harrassowitz GmbH & CoKG

     Wolper Subscription Services Inc.

     China Educational Publications

     Popular Subscription Service

U.S. Domestic Rates

1 year (25 issues)                 $50

2 years (52 issues)               $90

3 years (78 issues)               $120

International Rate

           1 year (25 issues)                $50 + $18 postage

Digital Subscriptions

Science News electronic subscriptions are available to libraries and other institutions through EBSCO’s Flipster service. Visit EBSCO’s Flipster page for Science News for more information, or contact EBSCO directly by emailing Kaitlyn Aiello.

EBSCO Technical Support may be reached at 1-800-758-5995.

Science News archives from 1924-2015 are available to institutions on the JSTOR and Wiley Online Library platforms.

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