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Science News Dec 14, 2015: Like 67P, Halley leaks O2, new analysis of 1986 data shows
W. Liller, NASA

Increasing Science Literacy for All

Reversing the decline in public scientific literacy — that mission has never been more important. That’s why the Society’s Science News and Science News for Students make today’s most exciting and important science developments accessible to tens of millions of readers.

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Science News is the award-winning flagship magazine of the Society — reaching 90,000 print subscribers and more than 12 million unique online visitors in 2016. Written by a staff of expert science journalists, Science News gives readers a concise, best-in-class overview of the most important science news from all fields and applications of science and technology.

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Science News for Students

Science News for Students is the Society’s award-winning free online publication dedicated to students, parents, and teachers — used by nearly four million visitors annually. Science News for Students content is designed to be accessible and interesting to student scientists — connecting the latest in scientific research to in- and out-of-classroom learning. We pair our timely, interesting news stories and features with suggestions for hands-on activities, books, articles, and web resources.

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