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December 2012


December 2012, Issue 2 volume 13


Elmer's Products, Inc. Announces Matching Grant to SSP

Elmer's Products, Inc. announced on December 1 that it is expanding its support for the work of the Society by providing a matching challenge grant. Through the grant, Elmer's will provide up to $50,000 to match new donations provided by donors to the Society.

"Providing support for the Society gives Elmer's another way to help inspire millions of middle and high school students to explore their full potential and their inherent need to create, build and learn for life," said Dave Incao, Vice-President, Global Walmart Support for Elmer's Products. "Whether participating in science fair, engaging in hands-on projects in their garage or backyard, or by reading Science News for Kids, Elmer's joins with the Society to inform, educate, and inspire students—and the parents and teachers who support them—to see the beauty and promise in science."


This flexible brain sensor can monitor activity more gently and accurately than current technologies. Credit: J. Rogers, D.-H. Kim et al/Nature Materials 2010

Michael McAlpine’s shiny circuit doesn’t look like something you would stick in your mouth. It’s dashed with gold, has a coiled antenna and is glued to a stiff rectangle. But the antenna flexes, and the rectangle is actually silk, its stiffness melting away under water. And if you paste the device on your tooth, it could keep you healthy. Read more.


Magnets can be used to move types of metal from a distance. Scientists recently developed a technology that uses magnets to trigger a cell’s demise. Credit: istockphoto

Magnets hold things to our refrigerators, and inside compasses they help us find our way. Now researchers have found a way to use magnets like a remote control to turn on cell-killing, metal beads. The technology may point to new treatments for diseases such as cancer, which kills more than 7 million people every year. Read more.


2012 SSP Fellowship Class during July's Fellows Institute in Washington, DC. Doornbos is back row, middle. Credit: Laura Buitrago, SSP.

Mary Doornbos, SSP 2012 Fellow, blogs about her plans to combine service learning and research on local environmental projects for her students. Read more.


combined feredal campaign

This Saturday, December 15 is the deadline to designate SSP as a charity to support through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) workplace giving. Please use #92454 if donating to the Society. Thank you for your support!


Science News Wins National Recognition

The Science News family of publications has received national recognition for its editorial and design work across platforms, including three prestigious Eddie and Ozzie Awards by Folio: Magazine.

SSP's flagship magazine won Bronze in the Best Series of Articles category for its “Consciousness” series, Silver in the Best Cover category for the “Drool” issue (November 2011), and Silver in the Best Standalone Digital Magazine category for the April 30, 2012 issue of Science News Prime. The Awards honor editorial excellence and magazine design.

Janet Raloff, Senior Editor at Science News, also recently received the 2012 David Stolberg Meritorious Service Award from the Society for Environmental Journalists.

View a full list of Science News awards here.

Raymond Gilmartin; Dave Incao, Vice President of Global Walmart Support at Elmer's Products, Inc; Emily Hoffman, teacher; Dave Kubela, principal; and Paula Golden, Executive Director of Broadcom Foundation, at the South Pasadena Middle School assembly. Credit: Karey Michelle, Broadcom

Broadcom MASTERS Rewards Top Schools and Teachers

Last month, representatives from Broadcom Foundation and Elmer’s Products, Inc., presented awards to the school and teachers of Raymond Gilmartin, winner of the $25,000 Samueli Foundation prize at the 2012 Broadcom MASTERS. Raymond won the prize for overall STEM excellence, mastery of STEM principles during the weeklong competition for finalists, and his project on the effect of rear spoilers on drag and lift in cars.

Awards are presented to the school and teachers of the Broadcom MASTERS grand prize winner at a school assembly to recognize the essential role that teachers and school communities play in the creative process, and to encourage other students to participate in hands-on independent science research.

Read more on SSP's blog.

Highlights from Science News

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The brain releases dopamine when something makes us feel good — like pulling off an exciting trick. The strength of this “feel good” response in teens helps explain why they sometimes chance real risks. Credit: iStockphoto

Highlights from Science News for Kids 

  • The Teenage Brain:
    Adolesence triggers brain and behavioral changes that few kids or adults understand
  • Watching our Seas Rise:
    Satellites, coral reefs, ancient Roman fishponds, and sinking cities help us understand how humans are changing sea level
  • Harder than Diamonds:
    Researchers create new material that may be world's hardest
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