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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees provides leadership and guidance to Society for Science & the Public. Board members are volunteers selected based on their dedicated commitment to science, education, and the Society's mission of informing, educating, and inspiring.

H. Robert Horvitz, Chair
Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Member, MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research
Member, MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 2002

Alan Leshner, Vice Chair
Chief Executive Officer Emeritus, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Washington, DC

Robert W. Shaw, Jr., Treasurer
Retired President/Founder, Aretê Corporation

Paul J. Maddon, Secretary
Founder & Vice Chairman, Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
1977 Science Talent Search
1977 International Science and Engineering Fair

Mary Sue Coleman, Executive Committee, At-Large
President, Association of American Universities
President Emerita, University of Michigan
1961 Science Talent Search
1959 and 1960 International Science and Engineering Fair

Maya AjmeraEx Officio
President & CEO, Society for Science & the Public
Publisher, Science News
1985 Science Talent Search

Hayley Bay Barna
Venture Partner, First Round Capital
Co-Founder and former Co-CEO, Birchbox
2001 Science Talent Search

Craig R. Barrett
Retired Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation

Sean B. Carroll
Vice President for Science Education, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Allan Wilson Professor of Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Medical Genetics, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Tessa M. Hill
Associate Professor and Chancellor’s Fellow
Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
University of California, Davis

Tom Leighton
Co-Founder and CEO, Akamai Technologies, Inc.
1974 Science Talent Search

Stephanie Pace Marshall
Founding President/President Emerita, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Scott A. McGregor
Retired President and Chief Executive Officer, Broadcom Corporation
Retired Chairman, Broadcom Foundation
1974 Science Talent Search

Joe Palca
Science Correspondent, NPR

Frank Wilczek
Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics, Center for Theoretical Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nobel Prize in Physics, 2004
1967 Science Talent Search