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Science News Through the Decades

11:53am, October 1, 2010

SSP, formerly Science Service, was born as an organization in 1921 for the purpose of disseminating scientific information to newspapers around the country. SSP’s co-founder, E.W. Scripps, of the influential publishing family, felt that democracy was threatened by a lack of scientific understanding. William E.

Former First Lady of California Still Dedicated to Science

9:09am, September 28, 2010

Gayle Wilson has enjoyed a remarkable life and career, from serving as First Lady of California to establishing a merit-based summer math/science educational enrichment program in her state. But one of her first accomplishments was being named a Science Talent Search Finalist. In high school, she gathered seeds from plants in her native Arizona as she worked with a hematologist to create a reagent made of plant instead of animal extraction.

SSP President Discusses Innovation Imperative Overseas

11:33am, July 14, 2010

SSP President Elizabeth Marincola recently spoke at the Education Innovation Summit sponsored by Intel China Ltd and held at Tsinghua University in China. The purpose of the summit was to provide a platform for connecting global perspectives with China’s practices, and discussing the best ways to we can collaborate to cultivate innovative talent.


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